If you want noisy rock whippersnappers... go see Ash

Ideal Setting: A fug-gilled pub, several pints of Guinness to the wind.

What to expect: In the early days, the Downpatrick punk-poppers' live shows were notable primarily for the band's drunkenness. "I remember we did Nottingham Rock City in 96" says frontman Tim Wheeler. "We got banned for smashing the joint up and the guy said, See you on the way down. Thankfully we're going back up again."

Indeed they are. And though they still enjoy a drink, they also enjoy the reputation for Blitzkrieg live performances. From the hyperactive thrash of Burn Baby Burn and Girl From Mars to the arms-aloft and unabashedly feelgood vibes of Shining Light, Ash are a band who are, quite simply, enjoying their moment.

Look out for: The hint of unresolved sexual tension when Tim Wheeler turns his Flying V towards sultry Charlotte Hatherley and stands nose to nose with her for a few fleeting moments.

Recommended viewing: Tokyo Blitz (live DVD, 3MV, 2001.)

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Created by Danny