Castle Hotels and Manor
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Nearest Station: Limerick
NDC: 061
In the locality: Adare Friary* (1464) - Adare Manor** (1832)

In the region: Glin Castle** and Gardens* $ (Tel 068 34173) (via N21W + R518 N + N69 W 47kms) - Castle Matrix
(Rathkeale)* (1440) (14km W N21) - Flying Boat Museum (at Foynes 35kms W via N21 and N69) - Desmond Castle* (at
Askeaton 19kms NW via N21 + R518)
Castle Hotels and Manor Houses
Adare Manor
Tel 061 396566 Fax 396124 ROOMS: 64 Room Rate from 190
to 431
Nearest Station: Ballina
NDC: 096
In the locality: Cathedral*
Castle Hotels and Manor Houses
Mount Falcon Castle Foxford Road (N57 S 6kms)
Tel 096 21172 Fax 21172 ROOMS: 10 Room Rate from 76
to 152
Nearest Station: Galway
NDC: 095
Castle Hotels and Manor Houses
Ballynahinch Castle Recess (R341)
Tel 095 31006 Fax 31085 ROOMS: 28 Room Rate from 77
to 168

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How much is the (Euro) worth?
About: USD 0.90 (90 cents),  JPY 100,  AUD 1.70  CHF 1.50 GBP 0.60 (July 2001)
Fixed rates: 10 = BEF 403, DEM 19.56,  ESP 1663, FRF 65.60, IEP 7.88,  ITL 19363,  NLG 22.04  ATS 137.60, PTE 2004, FIM 59.46 (all values rounded for convenience).
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Where the nearest rail station is marked (B),  we recommend a bus or alternative mode of transport, due to the distance involved between the nearest railway station and the locality in question.

NDC = telephone area code.   When calling from outside Ireland, replace the initial "0" of the NDC with +353, where "+" = your international access code (eg "00" in Europe, 011 in North America, etc - to call 021 800 8000 from USA, use 011 353 21 800 8000#.  International call set-up is usually speeded in North America by adding a "#" after the last digit of the called number).   The NDC for fax numbers has been omitted, and in all cases is the same as that for voice telephone calls.

$ = an admission fee is payable for access to this facility

Room rates quoted are per room per night and are intended to be an indication of the rates charged by the establishment in question.   You are advised to confirm rates, dates, special requirements and conditions in writing directly with the service provider before entering a commitment.

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