Decoding Counties

Code   County    Province    
C        Cork           Munster          
CE       Clare          Munster          
CN       Cavan          Ulster           
CW       Carlow         Leinster         
D        Dublin         Leinster         
DL       Donegal        Ulster
G        Galway City*   Connacht           
GW       Galway         Connacht         
KE       Kildare        Leinster         
KK       Kilkenny       Leinster         
KY       Kerry          Munster 
L        Limerick City* Munster         
LD       Longford       Leinster         
LH       Louth          Leinster         
LK       Limerick       Munster          
LM       Leitrim        Connacht         
LS       Laois          Leinster         
MH       Meath          Leinster         
MN       Monaghan       Ulster           
MO       Mayo           Connacht         
NI       N. Ireland**   Ulster           
OY       Offaly         Leinster         
RN       Roscommon      Connacht         
SO       Sligo          Connacht         
TN       Tipperary N    Munster          
TS       Tipperary S    Munster          
W        Waterford Cty* Munster
WD       Waterford      Munster          
WH       Westmeath      Leinster         
WW       Wicklow        Leinster         
WX       Wexford        Leinster  

Ireland is divided into four provinces:

  • Munster (South West)
  • Leinster (East)
  • Connacht (West)
  • Ulster (North)
Six of Ulster's Counties (Antrim, Armagh, Down, Derry, Fermanagh and Tyrone) 
are situated in Northern Ireland.
The remaining counties of Ulster are in the Republic.

Administratively, Northern Ireland is now divided into 26 districts.

**Northern Ireland is treated as a single region in this database, and "NI" is used as a "county code" to indicate communities in this jurisdiction.

Dublin metro area is divided into four administrative zones:

  • Dublin City
  • Dun Laoghaire & Rathdown (Dublin South East)
  • Fingal (North Dublin)
  • South Dublin

*Codes marked thus are not used in this guide. Galway, Limerick and Waterford Cities are listed under the respective counties of the same name.




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