Using the new Dublin city route navigation system

Updated  2003.10.25

Dublin now has three ring (orbital) route systems each with their own colo(u)r code:

1)  The M50 blue route is a motorway standard C ring road (périphérique). 

2)  The outer city ring colo(u)r coded purple.

3)  The inner ring road around the downtown area colo(u)r coded light blue.  Broadly speaking this incorporates zones 1, 2, 7 and 8 which appears on mailing addresses after the word "Dublin".

It is worth getting to understand the system if you plan to drive or cycle in the Dublin area.  (Bicycles are prohibited on the M50 route).

Each junction along each of these ring routes has a number, making it easy to know when you have reached a particular point.  For example, to get to the Phoenix Park follow the purple signs (outer city ring) to junction 65.    This eliminates the need to constantly refer to a map when driving across town - simply look at the map before you set out to determine your destination junction number on either the purple or light blue orbital routes or the M50 ring - and follow the signage system to get to that point.


Access to selected hotels

Hotel Dublin Follow Route To Junction Remarks
Berkeley Court 4 Purple 52 +R118 (S) 1 km
Bewleys Ballsbridge 4 Purple 52 +R118 (S) 1.5 kms
Burlington 4 Purple 54 +N11 (S)
Clarence 2 Blue 42
Conrad 2 Blue 13
Davenport 2 Blue 8
Fitzwilliam 2 Blue 14
Four Seasons 4 Purple 52 +R118 (S) 1.5 kms
Herbert Park 4 Purple 52 +R118 (S) 1 km
Jury's Ballsbridge 4 Purple 52 +R118 (S) 1 km
Le Meridien Shelbourne 2 Blue 11
Merrion 2 Blue 10
Morrison 1 Blue 22 Continue on Ormond Quay
Radisson SAS 4 Purple 54 +N11 (S) 4kms
St Stephen's Green  2 Blue 14
Towers 4 Purple 52 +R118 (S) 1 km
Westbury 2 Blue 11


Access to city centre car parks

South East City (eg St Stephen's Green, Grafton Street, Trinity College) Follow the blue route to junction  7, 11 or 14 and then follow P signs

South West City - Follow the blue route to junction 14, 15, 17, 18 or 19 and then follow P signs

North East City (eg IFSC) Follow the blue route to junction 1, 2,  38 or 40 and then follow P signs

North West City (eg Henry Street, O'Connell Street, Smithfield) Follow the blue route to junction 29, 30, 31, 34 or 38 and then follow P signs


Access to other points

Dublin Port - including Irish Ferries - follow Purple route to junction  79

Dun Laoghaire Port - (Stena Line) follow Purple route to junction  54 + N11 or the Purple route to junction 81 and then use the R802.

Dublin Airport - (avoiding M1 tunnel roadworks) follow Purple route to junction  69 + N2 + M50 eastbound.   

Ballsbridge including RDS and Blackrock - Purple route to junction  52 + R118

The Point Depot - Purple route to junction  79

IFSC - Blue route to junction  1


Scenic Coastal Drives

Southside - Killiney / Dalkey via Purple route to junction  81 + R802 south along coast

Northside - Howth via Purple route to junction  73 + R105 and R106 Malahide


Access to suburban city zones

(The zone number is shown on mailing addresses after the word "Dublin")

Zones 1, 2, 7 and part of 8 - downtown area roughly bounded by the Blue ring. The odd numbers are north of the River Liffey and the even are on the south side.


Dublin 4 - via Purple route to junction  51, 52, 53 or 54

Dublin 6 and 6W via Purple route to junction  55, 56 and 57

Dublin 8 via Purple route to junction  58

Dublin 12 via Purple route to junction  59

Dublin 14 via Purple route to junction  55 + R117

Dublin 16 via Purple route to junction  56 + R114

Dublin 18 via Purple route to junction  54 + N11

Dublin 22 and 24 - Purple route to junction  63 + N4 + M50 south to N7



Dublin 3 and 13 - via Purple route to junction   72

Dublin 7 - via Purple route to junction  67 or 68

Dublin 9 - via Purple route to junction  70

Dublin 11 - via Purple route to junction  69 + N2

Dublin 15 - via Purple route to junction  67

Dublin 17 - via Purple route to junction  70 + M1


If you need to drive to a particular address, it may be helpful to ask the party you are meeting  in advance for the route colo(u)r and junction nearest to them - if it not obvious from the map.   It may even be on their website!  

Please also note that a number of "R" route numbers have been added and modified recently in the Dublin area. 

Junction Numbers and Names

Inner city orbital route

J1    Custom House Quay/Talbot Memorial Bridge
J2    Talbot Memorial Bridge/City Quay
J3    City Quay/Lombard St. East
J4    Lombard St. East/ Townsend St.
J5    Pearse St./Tara St.
J6    Pearse St./Westland Row
J7    Dawson St./Nassau St.
J8    Clare St./Lincoln Place
J9    Lincoln Place/Westland Row
J10  Clare St./Merrion Square
J11  St. Stephen’s Green/Dawson St.
J12  Merrion St. / Baggot St.
J13  St. Stephen’s Green/Leeson St. Lwr.
J14  St. Stephen’s Green/Harcourt St.
J15  Wexford St./Kevin St. Lwr.
J16  Kevin St./Bride St.
J17  Kevin St./Patrick St.
J18  Bride Rd./Patrick St.
J19  Christchurch Place/High St.
J20  High St./Cornmarket
J21  Bridge St./Merchant’s Quay
J22  Inns Quay/Church St.
J23  Ushers Island/Blackhall Place Bridge
J24  Ellis Quay/Blackhall Place Bridge
J25  Blackhall Place/King St.
J26  King St./George’s Lane
J27  George’s Lane/Brunswick St. Nth
J28  Brunswick St. Nth./Church St. Upp
J29  King St./Church St.
J30  Nth. King St./Bolton St.
J31  Bolton St./King’s Inns St.
J32  Parnell St./Ryder’s Row
J33  Parnell St./King’s Inns St.
J34  Parnell St./Parnell Square West
J35  Parnell Square West/Granby Row
J36  Parnell Sq. Nth./Frederick St. Nth.
J37  Gardiner St. Upp./Mountjoy Square
J38  Summerhill/Gardiner St.
J39  Gardiner St. Lwr./Beresford Place
J40  Amiens St./Beresford Place
J41  Eden Quay/Butt Bridge
J42  Tara St./Butt Bridge/Burgh Quay



Outer city orbital route junctions

J51    Shelbourne Rd/Haddington Rd
J52    Mount St Lr/Haddington Rd
J53    Baggot St br/Mespil Rd
J54    Leeson St br/Grand Parade
J55    Charlemont St br/Ranelagh Rd
J56    Portobello/Rathmines Rd
J57    Harolds Cross br/Clanbrassil St
J58    Dolphins Barn/Crumlin Rd
J59    Davitt Rd/Suir Rd
J60    Suir Rd/SCR
J61    SCR/Old Kilmainham
J62    SCR/Inchicore Rd
J63    SCR/St Johns Rd West
J64    SCR/Conyngham Rd
J65    Parkgate/Infirmary Rd
J66    NCR/Blackhorse Ave
J67    NCR/Prussia St
J68    NCR/Cabra Rd
J69    NCR/Phibsborough Rd
J70    NCR/Dorset St Lower
J71    NCR/Belvidere Rd
J72    NCR/Summerhill
J73    Amiens St/Seville Pl
J74    Sherif St/Guild St
J75    Guild St/North Wall Quay
J79    North Wall Quay/East Link br
J80    Sean Moore Rd/South Bank Rd
J81    Sean Moore Rd/Beach Rd


Abbreviations used: SCR = South Circular Road    NCR = North Circular Road
Br = Bridge   Rd = Road  St = Street   Lwr = Lower   Upp = Upper

Map of blue and purple routes








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