Other source of information and travel planning aids

European Rail Schedules
Rail timetables for Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, etc

Eurostar Channel Tunnel / Trans Manche
Eurostar rail services linking GB with France, Belgium and beyond

Subway Navigator
Your guide to the the metro systems of major cities including Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, London, etc

Business Directory
Links for the business traveller

What time is it in...?
Worldwide date and time information

Flight Schedules
Online flight schedules, availability and fares

Health Information
Travellers health tips from the Center for Disease Control

CIA Factbook
Statistical information published by the CIA

World Climate
Climate database for 85,000 cities worldwide

The Autoroutes of France
(Less than complete!) traffic news and toll information for the French superhighway network

The European Debit Card (EDC), Eurocheque, Euro ATM cards

Visa and Visa Plus
Information on ATM networks on a country by country basis

(Limited) ATM network information for this payment system

The Euro
A guide to Europe's new single currency

Language Center
Foreign languages for travellers

21 Language bi-lingual online dictionary
Foreign languages for travellers

How far is it?

Currency Rates
The definitive database of exchange rates on the WWW by Olsen & Associates AG, Zürich

Electricity Info
Electricity Voltage and plug types found across Europe and the rest of the world

Phone plugs
Guide to phone plugs found in Europe etc. and related tips for modem users

European Satellite TV
Details of Europe's satellite TV and radio channels

GSM Cellular Roaming
Guide to using your GSM digital mobile phone across Europe and around the world

City.net index of links to countries and territories

Java interactive maps with zoom in for regional and local detail

European Government and Business
Links to WWW servers operated by various European government agencies and general international business links

Images and information on national and other flags

World maps from the Xerox parc server

Telephone IDD Codes
International telephone country and area codes


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