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Story # 1

We had such a great vacation there that we have returned 3 more times and it just gets better! We particularly like Donegal County - Athlone - Clonmacnoise all that area.

We had 2 flat tires one very rainy night out in the midst of the backroads. It was close to getting dark and I made the comment, " Well this is when we find out if the Irish are as wonderful as we think".

Sure enough, the next car stopped and took one of our party into town (which was 30 min drive or so). They found us a bed and breakfast, they came to pick up the rest of our party and all our luggage (it took 2 cars). The next day they drove us to Donegal (the closest place to find the size tires we had on the rental car) and took care of taking the tires off and putting new ones on.

We forced them to take some money which was very little and Glencollimkille (sic) will always be remembered for their hospitality and help.

It makes me very proud to be of Irish ancestry.

Story # 2

My mother and I traveled to your wonderful country in September 1994. We loved it!! The people are friendly, the countryside is beautiful. We especially liked our stay at the St. George Hotel in Limerick. The management and staff took good care of us. They suggested places to go and things to do. We felt that they really cared about us. We would recommend this Hotel when you are in Limerick.

The Bunratty castle is in this area which was fantastic to see. There was a shop there that had pictures from the 1890's of many different cities. We were able to purchase four different pictures of Dungarvan for our family history book.

The St. Patrick's Church in Waterford is a great source for tracing your family roots. The people there were helpful and we were able to make copies of original marriage documents of our great grandparents.

Everyone should go to Ireland!! We are looking forward to our next trip.

Story # 3

I finally came across this page today and thought that I should write to tell you of the wonderful time that we had while in Ireland.

Personally I found the "common" person in Ireland to be some of the most friendly people I've ever met. But specifically, we stayed at the Doyle Montrose Hotel in Dublin - near Dublin University. The hotel staff took 200 people that were strangers to the land and the customs, etc. and made us feel right at home! My personal thanks to them for making me feel like I belonged in Ireland.

Then we went to the Limerick Inn in Limerick and again were treated almost like royalty. We never felt like "outsiders" while in Ireland.

A special thank you to those that organized our trip, tours, etc. Unfortunately I do not have their names, etc. in order to pass those along to you.

Ireland is a wonderful country! I couldn't believe the amount of grasslands and the beauty of the ageless buildings. I can see why they call Ireland the "Gem of the British Isles."

Thanks to all of those that made our trip an enjoyable one!! I'll be back to your country someday. That I promise.

Story # 4

I just got back from a two week trip in Ireland. I stayed in Dublin for 3 days and I really loved it. I went to Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains and I would recommend that area. The Waterford Tour was well worth it. Also- went to Dingle which is really beautiful. I would also recommend the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

Story # 5

Ireland. There's a magic about the place, alright. There's a soft song haunting the wind, if you listen with your heart. Beware visiting Ireland, friend. The place will twinkle you, and steal into your dreams

Story # 6

I was in Ireland for only 6 days and spent 4 of those in Dublin and 2 in the Wicklow Mountains. I loved Dublin with its beautiful pubs and wide array of restaurants. There is a particular vibrancy which exists in Dublin that is difficult to explain. I will surely return some day to spend more than 6 days and see the rest of the country.

Story # 7

There is nothing like a trip to Ireland. Nothing! The people are the most friendly on earth and there are no words to describe the breathtaking beauty to be found literally around every corner. Since childhood I dreamed of going to Ireland and did so five years ago. We have visited Ireland every year since with our upcoming trip in October making number 5. Whether it's the feast at Bunratty (Durty Nelly's next door), the Wicklow Mountains, Waterford, the Rock of Cashel, the Blarney Stone, the Aran Islands ...... To much to tell in such limited space..... It makes me want to start packing just thinking about it!!!

Story # 8

To anyone who would like to go to Ireland "someday": Go! I have heard of many people who didn't go until late in life and they regret not having gone earlier. It is as green and beautiful as the pictures and travel posters you have seen, if not more so. There is plenty to see and do, the food is good, and the people will take good care of you. Don't get stuck in Dublin too long. Get out into the country. Go to the Rock of Cashel, try the well-known food in Kinsale (ask for the tourist menu), drive along a coast road in the west, go through the Bunratty Folk Park, be awed by the Cliffs of Moher and, if pratical at the time, see the lake and mountain beauty of the North of Ireland. You cannot help but to start feeling "at home" there. Go! You will only regret it if you don't. - A Native Texan planning my 4th trip to Ireland at age 28

Story # 9

My name is Federica and I'm Italian. I come from Rome and I had a trip to Ireland in July with my husband Andrea. I can't explain the beauty of this country, since childhood I dreamed to go in Ireland and finally, this year, this dream has becomed reality! We have touring most of Ireland counties, from Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry, Galway, etc, to Donegal County and it was all fantastic and magic. People are very friendly and kind. I hope to return in Ireland as soon as possible because I love this country very much!

Story # 10

I finally returned to Ireland...I say "returned," even though it was my first time, because it felt as if I was going home. And, in a way, it was. I saw the best of my family in every friendly person I met. It was an awakening...a recognition...of the strengths that are part of being of Irish descent. A vastly empowering experience, life-changing for me & for my family, and I enthusiastially recommend a visit to Ireland, to anyone who's even THOUGHT about it. Get there any way you can...don't wait another day.

Story # 11

We spent 3 1/2 weeks in Ireland this past summer and made good use of a couple of internet cafes, keeping in touch with our children via e-mail. When I came home the almost daily reports made a wonderful record of our trip. The young people staffing these establishments were very helpful and we developed a fine rapport as we became "regulars". We enjoyed the Planet Cafe in Dublin and Revelations in Belfast. Ed note: Internet Cafes

Story # 12

Hi! I traveled in Ireland this past summer for about a week! It was one of the most beautiful countries that anyone could ever see. Including the Blarney Stone, Bunratty Castle, Killarney, and Dublin! It is so great!

Story # 13

I just returned from the first of many vacations I will make to Ireland. My daughters, ages 10 and 13, and I traveled there the last two weeks of November 1996. We found Ireland to be fantastic in the "low season." We visited all the great tourist places, WITHOUT THE CROWDS. The weather was great--bright and sunny with a bit of a chill. The people were warm and inviting, the food just the same.

The girls had a great time. The older one said it was better than Disneyworld! (It cost less than two weeks of Disneyworld!) For the kids, the educational experience alone was well worth the price.

Story # 14

I was in Ireland in July and it was a lifes dream come true. I think one of the best things that we did was to stay in the B&B, they are cheap and you get a breakfast fir for a king, you also wont have to buy a lunch because the breakfast really fills you up. Also get away from the touristy spots, go through the small towns, this is where the people are the most friendly. I thought Newport, Westport, Ballina and Crossmolina in the Mayo region where some of the nicest spots that we travelled. Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures!!!!!!

Story # 15

My husband and I took our first trip to Ireland in late Jan 97. We were in Ireland for 7 days and were able to see most of the Southwest and Southeast, plus as far north as Shannon and Lismore. The off-season was WONDERFUL. We were able to take our time and really get out into the countryside and off the tourist path. Blarney Castle was a pleasure to visit without the tourist crowd. We traded our timeshare for a timeshare at the Killarney Country Club in the Killarney countryside. This location has a combination of timeshare/lodge/B & B. The staff were outstanding and we felt at home. Ireland is the most beautiful place in the world. The food was plentiful and excellent. The Irish people treated us like family no matter where we went. We took our 17 year old Grandson for his graduation present and he was thrilled, and used 17 rolls of film and a 2 hour video. We drove 770 miles, had the time of our lives, and felt like we belonged there, which made me very proud of my Irish heritage. We will go back!!!!

Story # 16

My wife and I made our first visit to Ireland in April 1990. We flew from JFK to Shannon and drove directly to Errill hoping to find some of my wife's relatives....Long story short....WE FOUND THEM....HAVE BEEN BACK FOUR TIMES IN THE LAST SIX YEARS AND ARE GOING BACK AGAIN IN JUNE FOR TWO WEEKS.....THE IRISH HAVE TO BE THE FRIENDLIEST, MOST ACCOMODATING PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET........JOHN...3-18-97

Story # 17

I attended a program at DCU called CTYI from June 28 to July 18. It was the best 3 weeks of my life, and I cried the entire flight home at the thought that I may never see all of my newfound Irish friends again. The teenagers there seem much nicer than in the states, and my experience was thoroughly enjoyable. This doesn't actually have much to do with Irish tourism, but I liked it so much that I'm just telling anyone I can. HLR

Story # 18

Last September, my friend and I went backpacking through Europe and spent 6 days in Ireland. The people were the most fanastically wonderful human beings I have ever encountered in all of may traveling. They were so helpful and really made the trip. As an example, we met these 2 stockbrokers in Dublin on a pub crawl who took my friend and I to a huge Indian dinner, where they even kept the resturant open for us. Unlike American men, these guys didn't expect anything. They just wanted to make sure we saw their city in every possible light. Having an expensive, full meal is heaven when you are backpacking. I will never forget the Irish hospitality as long as I live. I also can't stay away. I'm leaving for Ireland again this September.

Story # 19

My Mother and I just returned from a 2 week trip in Ireland and I terribly miss it!!! We flew into Shannon and went to Killarney, Waterford,Dublin,Sligo, and Galway. We made all kinds of stops in between(Dingle peninsula,Adare,Youghal,Lismore,Hill of Tara,Donegal,Belleek-sp.,Connemarra and the Cliffs of Moher and so much more!) I have Irish ancestors and I am very proud to say that! Ireland is the most wonderful country and I have told my husband that when we go to Ireland together we will probably never come back. I could definitely see us moving to the "Emerald Isle"!! If you haven't been-GO!!!!!

Story # 20

I have visited Ireland twice in the last year. I can not get enough of the beautiful scenery, the smell of the air and the pace of life. Of all the places I visited, I recommend the Slieve League in County Donegal and a hike along the top ridge. Each county has its own magic. I also recommend visiting Derry in the North. The city has an energy and youthful presence that really makes it worth staying a little longer. John from Canada

Story # 21

My fiance and I went to Ireland for the first time in December 1998. We were planning a return trip before we ever left! We found it to be the most awesome, beautiful place we had ever seen. The smell of the burning peat (turf) in the air and the ruins all over the countryside are indescribable to anyone who has never been there. We took over one hundred pictures and still do not feel that they relate the experience adequately. We not only fell in love with Ireland but felt like we fell more in love with each other just from the exposure to the magic there. We have even decided to try to be married there. We especially loved Killarney National Park, Mizen Head (a must-see for anyone who loves lighthouses), the Iroko B&B (thanks Dierdre), and the small town of Doolin near the Cliffs of Moher. Five days there were not nearly enough, but we tried to squeeze in as much as we could. If you have ever even entertained the thought of going to Ireland, make those plans now and don't deprive yourself another minute! C.K.

Story # 22

My company sent me to Ireland on a business trip that was to last three months. 10 years later, I am still here !! To this day, I hold the feeling that there is something magical about this country and have made Ireland my home. The best thing about having moved here is being able to explore this country on an ongoing basis (The perpetual tourist !). Each time I visit a place, even if I have been there many times before, there is always something new to discover. My favorite places are in the west; Counties Clare, Galway, Mayo, and Donegal. If you are planning a visit to Ireland, have a look at your schedule, I'm certain that you did not allow enough time. You may be coming here as a visitor but don't be to surprised if 10 years later you are posting a similar message !!

Story # 23

Firstly - I think your site is excellent! Congratulations and thank you. I spent a week in Ireland as part of a 3 month backpacking trip and loved it so much I am going back this year! I was travelling alone but met so many wonderful people - even the tourists in Ireland are the friendliest! I went to Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork (and the magnificent Blarney Castle), Galway and the Aran Islands. I really enjoyed every second I was in that beautiful country. Even the travelling between cities (usually the worst parts of a trip) was fantastic - looking at the green countryside (and I was there in the middle of winter) with Irish music playing on the bus - it really was fantastic! I cannot wait to show my friend everything I saw and find other amazing places when I go back. Tania Celli Johannesburg

Story # 24

We have taken three trips to Ireland and on the last trip we spent an entire month driving throughout the whole country. It is unquestionably a beautiful and marvelous land, but the true treasure of Ireland is it's wonderfully friendly and helpful people. We made airline reservations today and will be returning to Ireland in October. It is always like going home.

Those who have never visited that very special place can never know what a blessing they've missed. Rod Manning - Elmore, Alabama


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