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Region: Ireland North West
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Nearest Station: Sligo(B)
NDC: 074
In the region: Glengesh Pass*** (N56 S + Crove Road 8km) - Trabane Strand** and Cliffs***
and Glencolmbkille Folk Village** (N56 + R263)
Guest Houses
Woodhill House Woodhill (700m SE N56)
Tel 074 954 1112 Fax 954 1516 ROOM 8 Room Rate from €23
to €66
Nearest Station: Sligo(B)
NDC: 074
Jackson's Hotel
Tel 074 913 1021 Fax 913 1096 ROOM 88 Room Rate from €90
to €140
Kee's Hotel Stranorlar (N15 1km NE)
Tel 074 913 1018 Fax 913 1917 ROOM 53 Room Rate from €75
to €160
Nearest Station: Longford (B)
NDC: 049
Slieve Russell Hotel (R200 2km SE)
Tel 049 952 6444 Fax 952 6474 ROOM 151 Room Rate from €130
to €203
Guest Houses
Anglers Rest
Tel 049 952 6391 Fax ROOM 7 Room Rate from €17
to €38

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Where the nearest rail station is marked (B),  we recommend a bus or alternative mode of transport, due to the distance involved between the nearest railway station and the locality in question.    Please refer to bus and rail information for further details.

NDC = telephone area code.   When calling from outside Ireland, replace the initial "0" of the NDC with +353, where "+" = your international access code (eg "00" in Europe, 011 in North America, etc - to call 021 800 8000 from USA, use 011 353 21 800 8000#.  International call set-up is usually speeded in North America by adding a "#" after the last digit of the called number).  

$ = an admission fee is payable for access to this facility

Room rates quoted are per room per night and are intended to be an indication of the rates charged by the establishment in question.   You are strongly advised to contact the establishment directly for information on special and seasonal offers and in any event to confirm rates, dates, special requirements and conditions in writing  before entering a commitment.

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