Tourist sights and amenities

Star Ratings

****Not to be missed when visiting the region in question
**Very interesting
*Worth seeing

Other abbreviations used:
$      Admission charge payable
NSEW   The place lies North South East West of the town
N11    Follow this road number {Road numbers are prefixed by N (national) and R (regional)]
IEP    Irish Pounds
GBP    Sterling
IRL    Republic of Ireland
NI     Northern Ireland
AX/DC/VS/MC See credit card codes

Hotel, Guest House, etc. Listings

The room rate range shown is based on an indicative room price - the lower figure being for a single occupation room in low season and the higher figure being for a double room with 2 people in the high season.


The prices shown represent the range of charges for dinner, excluding wine, with the lower figure relating to a simple meal and the higher figure representing more elaborate dining, including service charges where imposed.

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