Stone Circles

Drombeg Stone Circle

Location 16kms W of Clonakilty (Co Cork coast) on R591 Glandore Road
Dating back to 150 BC, it comprises 17 standing stones with a diameter of 9m. The rays of the setting sun fall on the flat altar stone which faces the entrance at the Winter solstice. A stone age cooking pit can be found nearby, next to a small stream.

Lough Gur Great Stone Circle

Location: On R512 16kms South of Limerick City
The stone age settlement at Lough Gur dates back some 4,000 years. The area is surrounded by standing stones, burial mounds and megalithic tombs. Contact the Lough Guir Visitors' Centre on 061 385186 for further information.

In Northern Ireland

Breaghmore Stone Circles

Location: Off A505 road 14kms NW of Cookstown, Co Tyrone
These date back to 2000 BC. The stone circles are small, but there are large numbers of them. This archaeological site was bueried under peat until 1945.

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