World's largest offshore electricity wind farm


Airtricity has received approval from the Irish Government for the construction of the world's largest offshore electricity-generating wind farm on the Arklow sandbank, about 7 kms from land.

The plant will generate about 10% of the country's electricity requirements.   Wind turbines will be installed on a phased basis and will require an investment of some EUR 700 million.  It will help Ireland comply with its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 13 million tonnes per year.

Construction work is due to commence in April 2002 and when completed the facility will have an output of 520 megawatts. The turbines will for the most part only be visible from the air.

Wind is one of the cheapest methods of generating electricity both financially and environmentally.  Ireland has one of the largest offshore wind resources in Europe and it is expected this will be one of many projects to harvest wind and wave energy from Ireland's offshore to serve the Irish and European electricity markets.

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