SRDesign v1.10

Author: David O'Shea & Robert O'Sullivan

It's finally here! After months of crashing and tweaking the desktop SR2000 editor is ready....

The original FedNet editor by Andrew Hutchings (v0.98) was written to design the original game tracks, and as such, it was a bit crappy. Nathan Atkinson of VOTI got this version and passed it on - which let us see how the track files worked.
(See the OrigHelp file in the archive).

Thanks to Keith McKillop for his help with the compression and lots of information on rec files, and to Matthew Bloch for the icon.

Now after much revamping, you can edit SR2000 tracks in the comfort of desktop, in whatever mode you like, while doing whatever else you wish! Yes, this editor is fully multitasking! It has been tested on a StrongARM RiscPC, an A5000 and an A3010.



Future improvements:

Download SRDesign [v1.10] now as a Zipfile [87k]