!Clock   An iconbar clock and a backdrop utility - Now can sync to an NTP server!
v1.4 (21st June 2004) [More info]
!Clock [4k]

!CompSA   Patch files which don't run on the StrongARM
v1.00 (25th March 1998) [More info]
!CompSA [5k]

!DJCtrl   DeskJet printer utilities
v1.58 (8th May 1997) [More info]
!DJCtrl [79k]

!Ergane   Translating dictionary
v1.01 (14th December 1999) [More info]
!Ergane [64k]

!Filehandler   Utility to automatically close files left open - 26-bit only
v1.01 (12th January 2003) [More info]
!Filehandler [11k]

!ListVars   Live variable view for BASIC tasks - 32-bit ok!
v0.2 (18th May 2003) [More info]
!ListVars [6k]

!VDesk   Virtual desktop utility - 32-bit ok!
v2.50 (6th June 1998) [More info]
!VDesk [8k]

!ZapMan   !Zap mode for unix man pages
v0.11 (17th April 1998) [More info]
!ZapMan [6k]

DOSFS2   DOSFS2 Filesystem
v0.09 (25th October 2004) [More info]
DOSFS2 [25k]

LedCache   StrongARM cache utility
v2.00 (24th May 1998) [More info]
LedCache [1k]

PatchCDFS   Patch to make CDFS show RockRidge names - RO4/5 only
v1.3 (15th May 2003) [More info]
PatchCDFS [5k]

veclist   Utility to list vector claimants - 32-bit ok!
v1.1 (3rd June 2003) [More info]
veclist [1k]