A Brief Guide for Visitors to Dublin Airport

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Departing Passengers

Always allow sufficient time to reach the Airport to comply with Check in Deadlines advised by your Airline.

Where is it and how can I drive to it? Dublin Airport is located about 8 miles North of the City. It is situated on the M1/N1 Belfast Road, just north of the intersection with the M50 ring road. The airport is well signposted on all major routes. From the city centre follow signs for the Airport or N1 Belfast Road, the most direct route to the aiport from the city centre is via Drumcondra and Whitehall to join the M1 Motorway at Whitehall. If travelling from into Dublin from the West or Southwest take the M50 motorway and Westlink Bridge and follow signs to the Airport. If arriving into Dublin on the N1 (Belfast Road) you will pass right by the airport. When travelling into Dublin from the South on the N11 (Wexford Road) it is easiest (though not always quickest) to travel through the City Centre. Be aware ongoing works on the Dublin Port Tunnel will cause delays on the M1 Motorway

How long will the journey take? The journey from the city centre will take up to 30 minutes during the daytime, however in the evening rush hour (Weekdays 1630-1830) extra time should be allowed and in quiet periods (early morning, night time) it will only take 20 minutes.

Where can I park when I get there? The Aer Rianta Short Term Car Park is located beside the main terminal and is for stays of up to 24 hours, the car park costs EUR30.00 per 24 hours, with charges for shorter periods to a minimum of EUR1.50 for stays of less than 30 mins. The Aer Rianta Long Term Car Park (EUR8.50 per day) is located some distance from the main terminal (There are two sites - one at the ALSAA sports club accross the old main road and one off the southern airport perimeter road) and is served by a free shuttlebus every 5-10 minutes. Please allow extra time if you are using this car park. Aer Rianta Car Park Information
Since January 2004 an Independent Car Park "Quick Park" has been operating it is located to the South of the Airport on the old N1 Airport Road (a little further than the main Aer Rianta Long Term Car Park but closer than the Overflow Long Term Car Park). Again this car park is connected to the terminal with regular shuttle bus services. Charges are EUR1.00 per hour / EUR5.00 per day. Quick Park Information

What are the other ways of travelling to the airport? Take one of the many Bus Services serving Dublin Airport. These services, especially the AIRLINK and AIRCOACH express buses, are a fast and efficient way of travelling from the City to the Airport. It will normally workout more economical and not much slower to use these services than taking a taxi unless several people are sharing the taxi. If you are taking a taxi to the airport from the city centre expect to pay between EUR15 and EUR25 depending what part of the city centre, number of passengers and bags, the time of day and whether you called the taxi or hailed it on the street.

What should I do when I get to the airport? You should proceed to the check in area for your flight. All Check in is located in the main Departures Hall on the Upper level you should and check on the information board where to check in for your flight.

Where can I eat and drink before Boarding? Dublin Airport has an wide range of catering facilities throughout the terminal. A large restaurant area is located on the Mezzanine floor containing several franchised restaurants (including McDonalds, Sbarro and O'Briens Sandwich Bar), various other catering outlest are available throughout the airport. If you can't leave without having just one more pint you will find several recently refurbished bars throughout the Airport, both airside and landside.

What sort of shopping facilities are available? There are an extensive range of shops available both in the Public Areas and the Airside (Tax-Free) area. Hughes and Hughes operate Newspaper and Book Shops throughout the Airport. There is a SPAR convenience store located in the Car Park Atrium on the Arrivals level. The extensive Duty and Tax Free shopping area (after security) offers all departing passengers the chance to make great savings on quality goods. In addition to the large Tax and Duty Free stores operated by Aer Rianta, you will also find a variety of other shops including House of Ireland, Sky Music, Wrights of Howth (Declicatessan), Louis Copeland and Sunglasses Hut. All of the shops and restaurants in the airport will accept payment by credit cards and most will take major foreign currencies.

Even after that shopping I still have large amounts of Euro left, where can I exchange them? There are four Bureaux de Change located in the Airport all operated by Bank of Ireland, they are quite expensive. If you are departing after 5pm ensure that you change your money at the main branch in the Departures Hall, because the exchange kiosks at the boarding gates close very early. A 24hour Foreign currency ATM machine (US Dollars, Sterling ) is also located on the Departures Floor.

How can I find out more information? To contact Dublin Airport telephone +353-1-8141111 for the central switchboard and they will direct your call to the appropriate extension. If you require up to date information on Car Park charges you can contact Aer Rianta Car Parks on +353-1-8144328. For more information on services by Dublin Bus you can contact them on +353-1-8734222. If you require information on the Aer Rianta Duty and Tax free stores you can contact +353-1-8144356.

Arriving Passengers

How long will it take me to clear the airport on arrival? If you are travelling with hand baggage only it will take you no more than 5 minutes to walk from the aircraft to the public area in the Arrivals Hall. If your flight is parked away from the terminal building and a bus has to be used to take you to the terminal it may take slightly longer. If you are travelling with checked baggage it may take a little longer to reclaim your bags.

Someone is meeting me, where should they wait for me? All arriving passengers in Dublin must exit by the main Arrivals Doors into the main Arrivals Hall on the lower level of the Terminal Building. If you are being met arrange to meet in the arrivals hall, members of the public are not permitted to enter the airside area to meet passengers at the gates. If you should fail to meet up the Airport Information Desk in the Arrivals Hall will be happy to assist you by paging the person you are looking for.

I have nowhere to stay, can anyone help me? Dublin Tourism operate a tourist information desk in the arrivals hall. Contact them to book a hotel room or for information on other accomodation options. If you want to find information on places to stay you could also try the Bord Failte (Irish Tourist Board) website.

Where can I get some money after arrival? There is a Bank of Ireland Bureau de Change located in the Baggage Hall and in the main Departures Hall, both are open quite late in the evening and early in the morning. If you wish to use an ATM machine you will find Bank of Ireland PASS machines in the Arrivals Hall, the Depatures Hall and the Car Park Atrium, all of which will accept Credit, Cirrus and Plus Cards.

Where are the Left Luggage facilities? After exiting the arrivals hall, you will find a left luggage facility in the Car Park Atrium (located across the road from the Arrivals Hall).

What are the options for travelling by Bus from the Airport? When you exit from the Arrivals hall you will be on the Arrivals Road, if you turn left you will see the main Bus Stopping Area. Consult the Bus Services page for full infomation and links to current timetables.

I am travelling on from Dublin by Bus or Rail where should I go?
If you are travelling onwards by train you should find out which station your train is Departing from. Consult Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail) Timetables

If you wish to obtain information about Bus or Rail travel when you arrive at the airport, you should visit the Bus and Rail Information desk located in the arrivals hall.

How much will a taxi to the city centre cost? There is a taxi rank located outside the arrivals hall on the kerbside. Taxis are always plentiful at the airport and you should never have to queue for long to get one. A taxi will cost between EUR 15.00 and EUR 25.00 to the city centre depending on the number of passengers, baggage, the exact destination and the traffic. Note that most Taxis in Dublin will not take credit cards.

Can I hire a car at the airport? Yes, there are several Car Hire companies operating desks in the Airport as well as a collection desk for pre booked Car Hire with various companies. The following companies, amongst others, have a presence in Dublin :

All these facilities are located in the main arrivals hall (some hire companies are located off-airport but provide shuttle buses.

Where do I pay for my car parking You should pay for your car parking before you reach your vehicle, Automatic Car Park paystations, accepting cash and credit cards, are located in the baggage hall and at the entrance to the main Car Park building as well as in the car parks themselves. You should pay for your car parking at these machines to avoid queuing at the car park exit.

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