Ireland on the Net Globe
Ireland - map, physical data & brief history
Republic of Ireland - characteristics, resources...
Irish Sports - Gaelic, hurling...
Politics - political party links
Irish Liberation - how Ireland became a Republic
1916 Easter Rising - an account of the events
Irish National Anthem 311Kb (zipped WAV file) or MIDI format
Words of Irish National Anthem - (Irish & English)
Irish Declaration of Independence - text and photographs
People - historic and famous Irish people & quotes from Irish people
Dublin City - its history...
Dublin Corporation Traffic Cam or Web Cam - live views of Dublin (requires an ActiveX to be installed)
Information on Public Services
Online Entertainment
Currency Converter
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Should you find any inaccurate information or would like to comment, please feel free to email me. Any additional information or links would be appreciated. Much of the information in these pages was taken from Microsoft Encarta - thanks uncle Bill.

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