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The following table includes a list of releases, with updates and bug fixes. Please ensure that you have the current editor release. If you have performed an installation before then these updates are usually less than 200K in size.  You can either download the full version or email me and I will send you the update.
Release Date Version  Comments Acknowledgements
15/Jan/99 2.5.0
  • Initial Product Release
    20/Feb/99 2.5.3
  • Fixed initialization problem that happened with 1 out of 100 systems.
  • Thanks Gerry for reporting and helping with the problem.
    18/Mar/99 2.5.4
  • Fixed a file-format indentation problem which removed all Tab characters (instead of leading tab characters) from the target file. 
  • Thanks Tim for  reporting and helping with the problem
    19th Sept/99 2.6
  • Added full print preview and extra pretty print features 
  • Fixed modified-reload bug. The reload modified file did not work when the application was maximized. Also the caption was trimmed. 
  • Added a convert Tabs to Spaces option in the Format Dialog. 
  • Added a feature so that if the first window opens up in the same state as the last window.
  • Changed the file path (as reported in the status bar)  when File was saved as something different.
  • Change Template Expansion mechanism to be more intuitive now use ".."
  • Added a Previous instance mechanism to load files into an existing Prism
  • Added a new command ShellW that waits for the shell execution to finish. 
  • Added in new format commands e.g.  Tabs <-> Spaces and  End of line character (LF or CRLF)
  • Fixed a File->New bug that crashed the editor
  • Add more effective error trapping for increased stability.
  • Acknowledgements to a lot of people in the last few months.

    Special thanks to Mark Harvey who spotted and reported a heap of issues. A definite increase in quality here!!

    Thanks also to Shay,  John and Niall for a steady stream of quirks and wishes. 

    Thanks to Adam G for some very valid feedback. 

    Thanks also to Peter R. and Don.

    Thanks to Kaj Tuomi for highlighting some documentation errors. 


    Thanks to everyone who gave their support

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