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Please find below some user testimonials for the Prism Editor. Basically we have

..a league of its own..
..truly increased my productivity..
..ease of customizing..
.. a very efficient software tool ..
.. what makes me addicted to Prism is...
.. brilliant .. configurable ..powerful ..
.. easy to use..
.. I am very impressed ..
.. it's a must have for busy designers ..
.. it is quite unique..
.. the price is also a plus ..
.. the VHDL Help is brillant
.. VHDL .. Verilog .. HTML .. C ..


'I've tried several freeware and shareware/demo text editors that are available on the Web. In my opinion Prism is in a league of its own. I am using Prism to write VHDL source code and Prism's features have truly increased my productivity. Some of my favorite features are keyword highlighting, automatic Component creation, columnize, the language, references, configurable templates and context-sensitive keyword selection. This is an editor with the horsepower to make my job easier and it's nice to know that I can expand Prism's features to suit my needs in the future. Well done!! Oh yeah, Prism comes with great customer service!'

Bruce Shank, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratoy.

'It's a very efficient software tool with a clear user interface, easy to use and has almost all the features that I need when I'm working with sources codes, CAD or HDL files. I prefer this editor even a integrated development environment has a built-in one.'

Peter Ristau,Physik Instrumente, Germany

'I've used the Prism Editor for many thousand lines of Verilog code and it's the greatest. I like the ease of customizing the color coding and the macros for search and replace are outstanding'

Ken Coffman, President of Bytech Services and author of Real World FPGA Design with Verilog and The Practical FPGA Designer's Guide to VHDL and Verilog (coming soon)

'Prism is just about everything an editor is. But what makes me addicted to Prism is the language definition, column editing and pretty print. Its a must have for busy designers who want quality code without effort'.

Shardendu Pandey, Design Engineer, Tenesix Inc

'I have been a dedicated user of Prism for almost 7 months now. I am very impressed with some of the features of the tool. The features like 'Columnise' (this allows you to align a section of code to a particular string, for good readability) and the block editing are really useful. I recommend this tool to anyone coding VHDL, C, C++, Vsystem Macro files among many more languages/macros.'

Brendan Hallisey, Design Engineer, PMC-Sierra

'I use Prism almost daily.  There are three features that I find most useful.  The Usage Log is unique to any editor that I have ever used.  It saves me so much time when I can find every line that a signal appears on in an instant - with the text of the line as well as a hot link to the line itself.  Another item which I find useful is the way Prism will place the next text at the cursor position regardless of the current End Of Line.  It saves a lot of space bar pressing.  Finally, I find the ability to show 'white space' characters useful when I import a file that may have tab characters embedded.  I can make them visible quickly.  I like the new printer preview page as well. It is quite unique.'

Donald R. Ansley

'I use Prism Editor from about five months now and it's brilliant, configurable, powerful, easy to use, with a great VHDL HelpOnLine that is like a VHDL user manual (I referred also to it to learn VHDL language). It's also a brilliant price .
I normally use Xilinx Foundation and Lattice Base Express tools to develop my VHDL design, and when use Prism a lot, then, you can't use any other editor.'

Roberto De Basti, Far Systems

'I have been using Prism for several months now. I had previously been using CodeWrite and was looking for a less cosstly alternative. I found a URL link to Prism and decided to try it. I was pleasently surprised at the ease in which I was able to start using it. I use it for editing HTML, C, and Verilog. The price is also a plus. I recommend Prism to anyone who needs to edit any text based programming language. '

Everett Sturm, Sr. Engineering Consultant, ASIC Design and Verification


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