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Pádraig's Peregrinations

About Me

All you need to know about me is that I like travelling and I like writing.

My name, Padraig Breathnach, may seem strange to many, but will indicate to some that I am Irish (anglophones might find PAW-rick BRAN-ock a fair guide to pronunciation). I was born in Dublin and now live about 90 km. north of there, sharing my life with Herself. She describes me as her hero, but she has a penchant for irony.

That's enough about me.


About This Site

My interests in travel and writing found an outlet in the usenet group rec.travel.europe. They are accounts of my experiences rather than advice or recommendations for others. Things posted there are somewhat ephemeral except that most posts are archived by Google. I found that people occasionally sought some of my material as part of their preparation to visit a place about which I have written. The idea grew on me, encouraged by other participants in rec.travel.europe, that I should make it more readily accessible by developing a website. This site is the result.

I have tried to design it in such a way as to be easy for me to set up and maintain, and easy for you to read and navigate. I hope that you don't tell me that I made a mess of it, because I hardly know what I am doing, and would hate to have do more learning and work.


Site Content

Initially, with the exception of this page, I offer this as a text-only site. I may add some pictures later (if that happens, then you won't be reading this). All the content has already been posted in rec.travel.europe (if that changes, then you won't be reading this) and has been minimally edited to reduce the number of errors of fact or expression.

When I first wrote these reports, they were stand-alones. A few things strike me when I see them together:

  • the style and organisation of the pieces varies according to the mood I was in at the time I wrote them;
  • there is some repetition of general comments about travel and about life;
  • I'm verbose!

Take them as they are. I hope you enjoy them but if you don't, just remember that there are many other ways for you to pass a little time.


Technical Issues

I am new at this game of website design, and have run into an odd problem that I cannot solve. In preparing things, I used many extended ASCII characters (useful for accents, em-dashes, the euro symbol). They all worked fine in my software, and when I checked the site locally using different browsers. Then I uploaded to my server, and all those characters became question marks or boxes, indicating that they were unrecognised. In order to get things going, I went through everything to get rid of extended ASCII content, but I don't see that as a solution, because if a word owns an accent, I don't want to deprive it. I would welcome helpful suggestions about what the problem is and how to get around it.


Contacting Me

I would welcome feedback from people who visit the site. You can write to me at:



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