Women's Ordination Worldwide

Dublin, 8th October 2001

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Dear WOW Members,

Gabrielle Cassidy and Soline Vatinel have today returned from Rome after spending 5 days there at the Shadow Synod and blessing the Banner near the Sistine chapel.

On behalf of WOW Janice Sevre Duszynska (from Lexington, Kentucky, USA) did a superb job in organising a Banner measuring 8m x 1m (23 ft x 3 ft) to be put up near the Sistine chapel and the Vatican. The Banner will be up for all of the month of October 2001 while the Bishops attend their Synod. The Banner calls for the "Ordination of Women" in 7 different languages (including Polish, Latin and Italian) and uses an image of a woman offering up the Eucharist. On Saturday 6. October 2001 there was a procession to the Banner from Piazza Cavour with participants wearing purple stoles in support of women's ordination, followed by a prayer service and blessing of the Banner. We were honoured to have the presence of several carabinieri (Italian police) as well as one of the police chiefs in charge of security outside the Vatican who questioned how we had managed to get official permission for a Banner in such a startegic location. But Janice, with the help of the Holy Spirit and a lot of hard work had made careful preparations and could show that everything was in order. It ended up with a lot of handshakes and Janice kissing the police chief! This is the first time a sign supporting the ordination of women has been put up in Rome. Further details will be posted on our website

The Shadow Synod provided an opportunity for reform groups from around the world to come together and discuss the church. They had long days of discussion and debate and prayer. Do visit their website where there are photos and details in several languages.

Best wishes,

Colm Holmes

PS (1) Please, please send some financial support for the Banner in Rome which has got off to a great start and has already attracted media interest. (Make cheques payable to "WOW" and send to BASIC, Saint Francois, Avoca Avenue, Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland)

PS (2) Please publicize this Rome Banner in your country.

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