Women's Ordination Worldwide
1st International Conference

Now is the Time:
A Celebration of Women's Call to a Renewed Priesthood in the Catholic Church
Dublin, Ireland, 29th June to 1st July 2001

· Press Release [Deutsch] [English] [Español] [Français]
· Resolutions [Deutsch] [English] [Español] [Français] [Português]
· Papers (with some multilingual translations)
· New Pictures (High resolution copies available)
· Conference video and audio tapes available
· Post-Conference pilgrimage to Glendalough
· Commentaries and Correspondence [English] [Português]
· Statement from Sr. Joan's prioress [Deutsch] [English] [Français]
· Correcting misinformation
· Some background information on WOW
· Pre-Conference documents

Last updated 15-Oct-2001