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These pages look so dull because they loads so fast! Here you will find contact information for Coastwatch Europe International Coordination, a programme of our 1999 International Conference (17-19 June), the preliminary results of the CWE 1998 International Survey, and links to other Coastwatch and related websites. If you find a dead link or would like us to link your website here, please let us know. We might be moving into a bigger and better website soon, so keep an eye on this page for updates.


17 - 19 June 1999: Coastwatch Europe 1999 International Conference -"Planning, Protection and Sustainable Use of Coastal Resources- Challenges and Solutions".

June 1999: Preliminary results of the Coastwatch Europe 1998 International Survey available online and hard copy.

About Coastwatch Europe

Coastwatch Europe is an international network of environmental groups, universities and other educational establishments, who in turn work with local groups and individuals around the coast of Europe. Common aims are: Protection and sustainable use of our coastal resources; informed public participation in environmental planning and management, including Coastal zone management (CZM). Over ten thousand volunteers across Europe carry out the annual Coastwatch survey. The area covered is nearly 10,000 kilometers of coastline ranging from Norwegian Fjords to Greek islands and even the shores of the Black Sea. Find out more about Coastwatch.


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International Coordination
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel: + 353 (0)55 25843
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