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From 1988 to 1995, I edited the quarterly newsletter of the Commodore User's Group of Ireland. During that time, I wrote quite a few articles, and I have collected some of the more interesting ones here. I have also included some articles I wrote that appeared elsewhere, principally in Jeff Walker's excellent Amiga magazine, Just Amiga Monthly, now sadly no more.
   (For more articles and info from the Amiga's heyday, see David Ward's Amiga User International page, from the magazine of the same name.)

Amiga Articles

     1992 UK Amiga Developers Conference
     A590 virtual floppies
     Exploring Amiga CD-ROMs
     The importance of backups

Amiga Reviews

     The Amiga 4000
     The A2386-SX bridgeboard
     The Picasso II graphics card
     The Picasso II graphics card revisited
     Ralph Babel's Amiga Guru Book

General Articles

     CUGI: The first 12 years
     Programmer's bookshelf
     Supporting 1200/75 baud
     Auto baud rate detection

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