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For the curious, this website is maintained as a set of M4 macros, interspersed with plain HTML. The use of the M4 macro preprocessor makes it easy for me to give all pages a common look and feel, and more importantly, to change that look easily without having to modify 50 individual files by hand.
   Thanks are due to Terry Jones for pointing me in this direction. Although I ended up developing my own set of HTML-friendly M4 macros, it was his HTM4L package which got me started.
   If you want to experiment with M4 yourself, a good place to start is the Win32 version of Gnu's M4.
23 November 2000
My DVD List has been reorganised to allow interactive browsing and sorting of titles. In addition, the Search page has been updated to include an option to search the Internet Movie Database.

12 February 2000
The Search page has been updated to include Google.com, and also to fix a problem with the AltaVista news search. Various other small tweaks during the past several months, but none worthy of mention here.

28 September 1999
Added my XPATCH utility to the Software page. Also, my DVD List has been recently updated.

14 July 1999
Added a list of my current DVD collection for the benefit of friends with whom I swap discs. Also updated the TCD Class of '90 page with some additional contact email addresses.

15 August 1998
Added some new DVD links to the links page, now that I've added a nice Pansonic A-350 DVD player to my A/V setup.

6 June 1998
The SnoopDos page now includes a link to my PGP Key since I am still receiving occasional email asking for a copy. Also, I have updated the list of SnoopDos-like utilities to include the latest versions of RegMon and FileMon by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell; check them out.

11 April 1998
Several changes. Since I've now found a new job, my CV is no longer online, and I've updated my personal page accordingly. I've also added a note to the SnoopDos page with a fix for using SnoopDos with Phase 5's PowerUP PowerPC board.

4 March 1998
The new site is launched. While it won't win any awards, at least it's not quite as stuck in 1994 as the site it replaced.
Last updated 26 November 2000. Comments to ecarroll@iol.ie.