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Compiled and annotated by Richard Bartle

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This is a bibliography of publications I know of which have given non-trivial mentions of MUDs, and of which I have a copy. If you know of any others, please tell me so I can endeavour to keep my collection as wide as possible.

I am using the term "MUDs" here in the Internet sense, ie. to mean (generically) all multi-player, interactive adventure games (or, if you're applying for funding, then linguistically enhanced virtual realties). Pretty well all such games today are distant descendents of a single MUD called (you guessed!) MUD. To avoid confusion, I shall, however, refer to this original game as MUD1; there's also a MUD2, which is a rewrite of MUD1 done in about 1985. As I co-wrote both MUD1 and MUD2, most of the articles in my collection refer to one or other of these two games, as I knew to look out for them prior to publication. Other games are, of course, included, though.

I'll split the bibliography into four parts: books, research papers, magazines and newspapers. All books which even remotely mention MUDs are listed, but only those magazine articles which are of substantial length (or otherwise of interest) are presented. Many of the magazines from the early days are no longer printed, but can still be obtained from well-stocked libraries. Newspapers are treated in the same way as magazines, but are separated for convenience (they often have databases of articles on-line, so you can get computer-readable copies easier). There are a good many research papers written on the subjects of MUDs, judging by the requests in*, but my collection is spectacularly incomplete in this area (I don't have access to ftp at the moment). Someone else will therefore have to set up an official MUD research archive, I'm afraid!

As MUDs have outlasted many of the publications referred to here, you may find that you can't get hold of some article you particularly want to see. I do have hard copies of everything cited here, and as a last resort I can therefore provide photocopies of anything that it isn't illegal for me to photocopy...

Where possible, authors of articles have been listed. As many MUD players prefer their persona names to their real-life ones, however, some of the entries are under the persona names that the individual used as a by-line. If an article appeared uncredited, it is listed as being by Anonymous.

Finally, I have omitted non-English articles on MUDs, although I do have one in French and one in Japanese. This is only because I only have the second half of the French article, and the Japanese one is beyond my powers to reproduce in ASCII characters.

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