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Lots of people have said kind things about SnoopDos 3.0. Here are a few of the comments I've received:
"An outstanding tool; an Amiga essential."
     -- Timothy Aston

"This has to be the most useful program in the universe."
     -- Ian Wellock

"Great program ... an indispensable aid."
     -- Jeff Walker

"One of the most beautiful pieces of software I have ever used ... it gleams."
     -- Grahame Budd

"Invaluable software, excellently executed."
     -- Jim Hawkins

"Life is so much simpler with SnoopDos!"
     -- Jolyon Ralph

"I love SnoopDos 3 ... the drag and drop window is cool!"
     -- Gary Fenton

"It's VERY intuitive, just like a GUI should be. It's just as you would expect it to work, but unfortunately most programs don't work that way."
     -- Casper Gripenberg

"SnoopDos is extremely popular in Denmark ... and now it's even better than before. It's indispensable."
     -- Klaus Alexander Seistrup

"GREAT program! I've used SnoopDos for years, and it's a *must have* if you're a serious user."
     -- Mathias Karlsson

"Thank you so much for providing such a useful tool for peeking into the depths of my Amiga!"
     -- Thomas Schwarz

"SnoopDos 3.0 ... has been and is now again the best of its kind."
     -- A. Mauritz

"You have done a GREAT job with SnoopDos. I highly recommend it to everyone."
     -- Boyd X Nebula

"I am particularly impressed with how well the font/size-sensitive interface works."
     -- Dan Barrett

"Especially your work on the GUI is perfect ... I know how difficult a good GUI design and implementation is; your SnoopDos 3.0 is the best example I know."
     -- Uwe Röhm

"Truly amazing ... wonderful documentation, perfect GUI, lots of useful functions."
     -- Fredrik Hallenberg

"There is a declining number of high quality freeware/shareware products on the Amiga; I'm sure I speak for many others in saying SnoopDos is one of them."
     -- Steve Robb

*  *  *

Well, after that massive amount of ego inflating, you had better return to the SnoopDos Home Page and find out more.

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