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I have written many programs for my own personal use, and some of them are general purpose enough to be of use to others as well. I've collected the most useful such programs here. Most include full source code, and all may be freely distributed. If you want to include any of these programs in a commercial venture, please contact me first.

Amiga programs
As one of the first Amiga owners in Ireland, my trusty A1000 served me well throughout my college days, and on into my professional career. While the computer industry might have left the Amiga behind, I'll always remember it fondly.
   Some of the most popular Amiga programs I released are listed below (source code is included with all archives):

  • SnoopDOS - monitors file activity (this has its own home page)
  • CpuBlit - speeds up blitter operations on A3000-class machines
  • C64 Emulator - an April 1st emulator (my first Amiga program!)
  • EdTalk - a user to user chat utility for the DLG BBS system
  • KillReq - automatically cancels software requesters
  • PCDisk - accelerated hard disk driver for the PC bridgeboard
  • TrackUtils - manipulates tracks on floppy disks
  • Unshar - extracts files from SHAR archives

PC programs
When I first started programming PCs, I was somewhat taken aback at how primitive DOS was; for someone used to the Amiga and Unix, it seemed particularly bereft of useful command line utilities. As a result, I ended up reinventing the wheel quite a few times.
   While most of these utilities have undoubtedly since been created by others, these versions have served me well; perhaps you'll find them useful. Source code is included too, for those interested in such things:

  • BINCUT - extracts sections from files
  • CHECKNEW - checks if one file is newer than another
  • CMP - compares two files and lists differences
  • COOKIE - displays a random fortune cookie
  • CW - remembers a working directory
  • DU - displays disk space and directory usage
  • DUMP - displays binary files in hex
  • FIXCMOS - detects and disables AntiCMOS virus
  • RM - deletes files from disk
  • SPLIT - splits a file into smaller parts
  • STRINGS - displays readable strings in a binary file
  • UUDECODE - decodes uuencoded files
  • XFIND - searches a binary file for a hex sequence
  • XPATCH - replace binary sequences in a file

Commodore 64 programs
In the ancient past, I wrote quite a few Commodore 64 utilities. Although I don't currently have them available for downloading, I hope to make them available soon in a form usable on the many C64 emulators which can now be found on the 'net. If you're curious, they included the following:

  • Boing - a C64 version of the famous Amiga demo
  • Bootmenu - to create autoboot programs on the C128
  • Disksort - a utility to sort directories in order
  • Edterm - a full featured comms package for the Compunet modem and Multimodem
  • Graphics toolkit - a BASIC extension that adds many useful high-resolution graphics commands
  • Programmer's toolkit - a BASIC extension that adds many useful facilities for programmers
  • Sprite editor - a comprehensive sprite editor with animation facilities.
  • Ultraload - a highspeed tape loader
  • VDOS - a highspeed diskloader and utility

And the other stuff...?
Of course, not everything is available for downloading here. Much of what I've written was disposable software, not suitable for public release. Some other items of interest were produced under contract, and thus are not mine to redistribute.
   However, if you happen to know of anything significant that I've forgotten, please let me know and I'll do my best to rectify it.

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Last updated 26 November 2000. Comments to ecarroll@iol.ie.