Geoffs Bar Castlemagner

Castlemagner Historical Society is the name given to a small 'organisation' of people in Castlemagner who share an interest in the local heritage and history of the parish. Despite its small membership, the Society has successfully organised a number of 'Information Days' and 'Commemoration Events' which have encouraged a healthy participation from the local community and other historical as well as archaeological societies.

The 'nerve centre' of the Society is Geoffs Bar - Castlemagner. If you wish to learn more about the local history of Castlemagner, you will be well rewarded by a visit to 'Geoffs' !!

The information presented in this website is intended primarily for local consumption. However, much of the content is related to many important events in Anglo-Irish history and should therefore be of interest to the passing visitor as well. The subjects covered within these web pages are diverse and may sometimes appear to be tenuously linked to the history of the parish. Nevertheless, such a broad approach serves to put the events and people discussed in their correct context.

While it is possible that some of the information relayed herein with respect to Anglo-Irish history may contain errors it is hoped that this does not unduly distract readers. Such information can be verified in standard texts. However, the true value of a web-site of this nature is the presentation of historic events in a local context. Therefore, the purpose of this web-site is to present significant historic events in relation to their impact in the Castlemagner - its people and its environs.

It is hoped that you enjoy this website and that you would forward any comments or questions to the Castlemagner Historical Society

The Castlemagner Historical Society is headed by:

Chairman Mr Desmond Sharp Bolster

Secretary Mr Geoffrey O'Donoghue

Treasurer Mr Philip O'Flynn