The President of EFCO FRANCE is Jo Gattet. Jo is also a Vice President of EFCO and a member of the EFCO Presidium.

As EFCO Vice President Jo Gattet has special responsibility for Children's Visual Art

You may contact Jo Gattet at


You can get more information on the EFCO FRANCE Home page

Dr. Patrick Robbe is another important member of EFCO France and is responsible for EFCO finance/fundraising Committee.

You can contact Patrick Robbe at

Claire Le Goff is also a very active worker for the French EFCO committee and is well known to EFCO members all over Europe

Claire can be contacted at

The president of EFCO Frank Whelan and the EFCO European affairs co-ordinator Barbara Schoch were guests at the Musichoridanse Festival which was held from the 1st to the 8th of July in the town and region of Tarare.The festival proved to be a great success, promoting European cultural exchange and the development of Folk, Art and Culture. The hospitality and organisation was excellent.

25th International Folklore Festival in Romans
with International folklore groups from five continents
The President also had the great pleasure to be present at the gala perfomance on Sunday the 7th of July at the 25th Anniversary of The International Folklore Festival of Romans. The President of the festival was Anna-Marrie Ciolfi.The performance was spectacular, with international groups from Vietnam, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Soloman Islands, Ecudor, Cuba, South Africa and Russia. The President of EFCO thanked the Mayor of Romans and Festival President Anna-Marrie Ciolfi for their invitation, hospitality and great organisation

EFCO France are one of the most active National Committees in EFCO. The committee have taking part in a major art and culture exhibition in Lyon where they had an EFCO information stand.

A group from EFCO France visited Russia to meet our Russian EFCO friends the group was led by Claire Gattet and reports are that it was a most successful and enjoyable visit.

EFCO France has members from a wide variety of the arts and culture community including,Organisations, Choirs,Folk Music Song and Dance groups,

We welcome two new members of EFCO in France
Empi et Riaume is a very popular and experianced folk music song and dance group who have performed all over the World you can contact them at the following
Their website is
For more info mail them at

The second group is a childrens group "Crea Danse"

The Artistic leader of the group is Claire Gattet

She can be contacted at

For more information about groups and events in France contact the French EFCO representive Jo Gattet at his Email address