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25th June 2003

South Dublin County Council moved the illegal encampment of travellers on only a few weeks ago, (see below) to the dismay of the residents these travellers have moved back in.

We are informed that local residents attempted to prevent this illegal emcampment from entering the field but had to draw back for fears for their own safely.

Cllr Fintan McCarthy was informed and Mick Fagan from the Travellers Development Unit in SDCC. To date there has been no response from Mick Fagan. Cllr Fintan McCarthy replied that he was amazed that this site was not secured by SDCC after the previous encampment. Cllr. McCarthy has made complaints with the traveller Development Unit on behalf of the residents of Foxborough.

These travelling families are not in need of housing and are not the responsibility of SDCC, SDCC are responsible to the residents of Foxborough to the full co-operation of Traveller Development unit of SDCC in removing these families from this land IMMEDIATELY and not have to suffer the noise, pollution and general nusiance that these travellers inflict in every area that they occupy.

We call on the County Manager, Mr Joe Horan to intervene and encourage the Traveller Development to use the full force of the law in this case to expel these traders from the area.

17th May 2003

South Dublin County Council served an order to move on the travelling families illegally encamped in a field off Lynch's Lane. We have been informed that these travelling families have moved on but have left the field in a terrible condition with rubbish shrewn all over and causing a health hazard.

On the 7th May, Mr Mick Fagan has informed us that "we are in the process of identifying the dumpers to a level of proof adequate to bring them before the courts". Mr Fagan also states the site will be cleaned up within 3-4 weeks.

8th April

FCRG were informed that dozens of caravans have moved illegally into a field beside Foxborough. We promptly informed SDCC and received a reply on the 10 April. SDCC responded that these travellers, who have been moved on several times lately will be served with notice to move at the end of that week or the beginning of the following week. Two weeks later and they are still there and gathering in numbers. We call on South Dublin County Council to act now.

If it only took two or three days to move these families from beside the Deadmans Inn, why is it taking so long to move them from Foxborough? FCRG will contact SDCC again on Monday to protest at this disgraceful delay. We will also call on SDCC to clean up the mess that no doubt has accumulated due to the delay.

8th February 2003

There are major growing concerns regarding this "Emergency Temporary Halting Site" both from the families living there and local residents. FCRG and the Mongan family are united to highlight problems on this halting site regarding unauthorised caravans moving in. SDCC promised the Mongan family that they would be the only family authorised on this site, yet recently several new caravans and families have moved in, despite Mr Mongans objections.

South Dublin County Council have been contacted by Mr Mongan on several occasions and we are told they have been of no help. FCRG attempted to contact Mick Fagan, Colm Ward or anyone in the Travellers Unit of SDCC and were answered by machine each time. We have left messages to which, as yet, we have had no response.

SDCC have promised in their response to us (see Response from South Dublin Co Council above) in which Mr Mick Fagan stated "I want to stress that the site will be managed in a pro-active, hands-on manner, in co-operation with its residents" This is obviously NOT the case and we call on Mick Fagan and SDCC to honour this agreement with us and also with the Mongan family. This situation needs to be acted on NOW regarding unauthorised entry to this halting site .

We are very concerned when Mr Mongan contacted us and informed us that SDCC have done NOTHING about this problem. SDCC put this halting site in place and are responsible for the management of this site and we insist they resolve issues raised by Mr Mongan immediately.

SDCC have also been informed about the conditions in this halting site, including drainage of the entire site, the dreadful ground conditions, which was laid in shale and presently looks like a hardened muddy building site with a rotten stench of stagnant water, the lack of toilet facilities which are of the portaloo type and the unhygenic conditions these facilities are in.

Following meetings with Mr Mongan who filled us in on recent events, he has expressed his concerns in the manner in which this site is managed and we are appalled by the level of apparent disregard shown by SDCC in all of these matters

Mick Fagan and SDCC have made promises to us too and we are losing all faith in these promises. To prove credibility they should act now.

Dampness under caravan and around site bearing in mind that when photos were taken it had not rained in approx two days

In 2003, why should anyone have to live in these conditions?

Fire damage to caravan situated beside a caravan that was destroyed by fire last week

All photos taken with full consent of the family concerned

Emergency Temporary Halting Site

On the 4th April 2002, South Dublin County Council moved a family onto this Emergency temporary halting site and assured residents of Foxborough that this site will be in existence for a maximum of 2 years when this family will be moved into a Permanent Halting Site. This we have in writing.

We are aware that it takes at least 12 - 18 months to complete a project such as this, from Planning to securing tenders for building contractors and finally completion of building works.

With eighteen months remaining to their deadline, South Dublin County Council should have at least identified the location for the permanent Halting Site and we ask them, in particular Mr Mick Fagan, has a site seen secured, where is this site located?, at what stage are the plans at present?, has planning permission been applied for? and has the county manager issued an order for the building of this permanent site?

FCRG are putting this in writing to the County Manager and copies to Mr Fagan, and all local Councillors.

Click here to read reply from Mick Fagan, South Dublin County Council


22 November 2002. Residents of Foxborough Grove have been promised a fence on top of the boundary wall by Mick Fagan, Executive Officer in the Housing Department of South Dublin County Council last April.

This fence was put in place this week and the residents and members of Foxborough Concerned Residents group would like to thank Chris Barker from the Traveller Accommodation unit in South Dublin County Council for his help.

FCRG will continue to work with SDCC and the travelling families involved to resolve issues raised, to the satisfaction of both the travelling families and the settled community until this site is removed in 18 months time.

Aerial photograph of Foxborough and close proximity of "Emergency" Halting Site. Aerial photograph of local area and locations of halting sites around Foxborough. Birds Eye view of Foxborough and surrounding estates

South Dublin County Council (SDCC) built this "Emergency" Halting Site a few metres from our residential housing estate without due consideration or consultation and even failed to notify residents.

As residents of this estate we were very concerned about who would occupy this site as we were informed by a Resident Association in Glenview in Tallaght about petty crime and anti-social behaviour in another "Emergency" Halting Site beside them.

When the Mongan family moved onto the site our spokesperson David Tapley visited the site and spoke to Mr Pat Mongan. Mr Mongan assured us that there would be no trouble from his side and pointed out that only a small minority of Travellers are actual troublemakers, the same too can be said for the settled community.

Since then both communities have existed side by side without incident.

Recently, Mr Pat Mongan requested to speak to our spokesperson David Tapley. David visited Mr Mongan at this site and was appalled by the conditions. Rain water had saturated the shale and the dampness was so bad you could smell it, Mr Mongan said that he has contacted the caretaker provided by SDCC. SDCC sent a worker to drill a few holes into the ground. This site, if properly designed should have been with tarmacadam with storm drains installed and not just a layer of building shale. At present, the rain water settles below the shale and drains naturally into the ground but leaves a layer of sediment behind which eventually stagnates and becomes a health hazard.

Mr Mongan and David spoke in depth about issues that Mr Mongan asked for our help with. One of these involved a particular family on the site who are disturbing the peace and keeping other residents of the site awake, including several children with loud noise and late night drinking parties. SDCC and the travelling families have a contract, which includes keeping the peace and when a family breaks this they can be evicted given 24 hours notice. SDCC have not enforced this clause and Mr Pat Mongan is very concerned with what will happen next.

Mr Mongan also pointed of the conditions they were living in, on the day they moved in there were no toilet or washing facilities and no electricity. SDCC installed nine portable toilets, which they only empty once a week. After a couple of months the electricity was connected, but to this day they have a severe shortage of toilets and the infrequency of emptying them is leading to a serious health hazard. Washing facilities are in short supply also and SDCC need to improve these to a decent standard.

SDCC have a disgraceful record to date starting with an executive housing officer falsely stating to the Mongan family last year that residents of Foxborough objected to the Emergency Halting Site be built in Prices Field.

SDCC have played travellers against the settled community for far too long and now the Mongan family and residents of Foxborough have united and will work together for the benefit of both communities.

Firstly we demand that SDCC sort out the problems faced by the Mongan family by installing the much needed extra toilet facilities and extra washing facilities. FCRG & the Mongan family demand that a suitable location be identified IMMEDIATELY for a permanent site in an area which must meet the approval of Mr Mongan, and that a Order from the County Manager be issued for commencement of this site as soon as possible.

FCRG are aware of the speed which SDCC moved when acquiring the site for the "Emergency" Site and commencement of the building of that site, so we expect that this should only take a matter of weeks.

Aerial Photographs we had taken show that this area has no less than five Halting Sites. Of these five, one is classified as "Emergency", two others as temporary that leaves two permanent sites, one of these on Lynches Lane is to be rebuilt at twice its original size, not to mention that this site was refurbished at a cost to the taxpayer of £.75m in 1997. (Punts) and yet again SDCC want to build another temporary site to accommodate the families while building is going on.

SDCC are making plans for this area (and other areas too) FCRG point out to SDCC that we are living in a democracy where the little man has rights and should NOT be walked over as they have done in the past and continue to do so.

In regards to this let me point out areas which have been bulldozed over by SDCC with little or no consideration.

1. Foxborough, Lucan: Erection of "Emergency Halting Site" 2001

2. Glenview, Tallaght Erection of "Emergency Halting Site" 2000

3. West Tallaght; Building of Fortunestown B 2002

4. West Tallaght; Building of Jobstown Village 2002

5. Lucan; Outer Ring Road 2002

6. Balrothery Tallaght; Building of National Basketball Arena (1990)

We will no doubt discover more violations committed by SDCC as time goes by.

When legalisation directed Local Authorities to provide for provision of Halting Sites under the Housing and Travellers Act, 1998 - it was never intended to be used as such a tool, SDCC are using this power to push aside the rights of all citizens under the constitution.



Entrance to Halting Site rear Foxborough Grove


    1. No consultation from SDCC with residents.
    2. At least five existing halting sites within two mile radius of Foxborough.
    3. The development is costing in excess of 350,000 punts to build.
    This halting site (which SDCC confirms), will only be in existence for 18 months, We believe this is a waste of taxpayers money.
    4. Mick Fagan, Executive Officer Housing Dept SDCC stated that these developments "are and will be built without consultation as people will say "stick it" (Quote from Mr Fagan at meeting in Bush Centre Balgaddy 21st Feb 2002.)

Overview of "Emergency" halting site from back wall of houses

Photo of entrance to halting site from bedroom of house on Foxborough Grove

Proposals of Foxborough Concerned Residents Group

* Re-establish Foxborough Residents Association (ACHIEVED)
* For administration purposes breakdown of Foxborough into sub-sections. (UNDER REVIEW)
* Affiliate with ACRA (ACHIEVED)
* Lobby local politicians/Council Officials to ensure any further development is with full consultation with the local community. (ONGOING)
* Seek hand over of Foxborough Estate from Developer to Council. (IN PROGRESS)

South Dublin County Council's Mission Statement

"Dublin County Council is to serve the public through open effective and participative local democratic process enabling everyone to have a safe and fulfilling lifestyle within both their own local community and the wider community of the county.

We aim to do this by providing services and responses, within our available resources and also by supporting provision by others, to maintain, sustain and improve the social environmental, cultural and economic fabric of our county"

Foxborough Concerned Residents Group put it to SDCC that they are making a mockery of their own mission statement.


Foxborough Concerned Residents Group would once again like to stress that they are not campaigning against the Travelling Community but are opposed to South Dublin County Councilís attitude and treatment of the local community in Foxborough.

Residents of Foxborough have lived in harmony for over six years with the local travelling community who are living in Halting Sites on Lynches Lane, Ballyowen Lane, Haydenís Lane and who are encamped on the side of Balgaddy Road.

We are well aware of the terrible conditions that the families on Balgaddy Road have had to out up with over the years, but South Dublin County Council have a legal duty to these families to provide them with Permanent Halting Sites and not just a temporary measure provided just so SDCC can build council houses on the land occupied at present by members of the Travelling Community.


Foxborough Concerned Residents Group

Thursday 4 th April, 2002

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