Forbairt Feirste

Ré Úr don Ghaeilge

An Nasc will serve as a facility not only for the Irish language community of Belfast but also nationwide and act as a catalyst for business partnerships with lesser used language communities throughout Europe.

Flix Feirste '97

the first ever international lesser used language film festival.

Rian Uladh

a cross border Ulster cultural tourist project.

An Muileann Glas

a mail order business which will sell goods using the internet.


Eurocraft is a project to develop local craft businesses

Cló agus déanamh

an internet design and support business

Forbairt Feirste Offices

Managerial and support staff who will have overall responsibility for running of the Nasc centre and Forbairt Feirste programmes including a social lingustic project, careers advisory services, Internet linked job agency and business start up support.


Forbairt Feirste is developing a Teleteach business as a core element of an Nasc. It will carry out commercial and socio-linguistic activities and provide employment in new technologies. It is proposed to establish a broadly-based translation service. Central to the Tele-lann will be an Intranet, linking every Irish language educational institution and other bodies on the Net. The Tele-lann will also develop an Irish langauge community on the Net, providing a site which brings together all relevant information about the Irish language and links to other lesser-used language communities. The Tele-lann will feature a training room which will provide Computer Related Training, Small Business Development Courses, NVQ Courses in business administration and an Internet beginners course accredited by the Open College Network.


An Scéalann is a cutting edge TV and media project. It will include the first ever T.V. studio in West Belfast which will be used to promote Irish language based T.V. programmes in the North of Ireland. Irish language independent production company "An Scéalaí" will be based in an Scéalann and will provide programmes for TnaG the new Irish language national television service, the BBC, and UTV. An Scéalann will also offer services to other independent companies, for example a dubbing and editing suite primarily for programme making, but it could also be used by large businesses which rely on video presentations to promote business development.