Eithne P31

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p31wharf.JPG (58642 bytes)

Eithne Moored at the Oil Wharf at Haulbowline

p31.JPG (138360 bytes)

Publicity photo of Eithne during exercise

p31cork.JPG (193788 bytes)

View of Fo'rd superstructure

p31cork1.JPG (89205 bytes)

View from aft,looking Fo'rd

p31cork2.JPG (56445 bytes)

Bow view at Cork,1987

p31fitout.JPG (37202 bytes)

Eithne being fitted out after launch ,Verolme Dockyard

P31launch.JPG (191038 bytes)

The Hull being Blessed prior to launch

p31launchslip.JPG (118159 bytes)

Its the job of these guys to push the ship down the slipway....

p31launchslip1.JPG (84493 bytes)

and off she goes...

p31launchslip2.JPG (70947 bytes)

the last ship built at Verolme Cork Dockyard,Rushbrooke ,Cobh.

p31stabiliser.JPG (122351 bytes)

Bilge Keel and Gyroscopic stabilizers shown here retracted.

p31aftlaunch.JPG (129167 bytes)

Stern section prior to launch without Rudder or Twin Screws

p31model.JPG (50405 bytes)

Model of Eithne at the Officers Mess,Haulbowline.

p31montrealvaed.JPG (43476 bytes)

At Berth in Cork during the 50th anniversary in company with the Montreal and the Vaedderen

p31stbddauphin.JPG (85755 bytes)

With Dauphin on the Helideck during the Tall Ships race in Cork Harbour,1991

Weapons and Equipment

p31dauphin.JPG (180865 bytes)

Dauphin SA365f tied down to the Helideck during Exercise

p31helipad.JPG (63517 bytes)

Dauphin Preparing for takeoff (notice tiedowns removed,harpoon holding aircraft to honeycomb)

rhein-metall20mm.JPG (157346 bytes)

Rhein-Metall 20mm Cannon

wallop.JPG (49116 bytes)

Wallop 57mm Rocket launcher being fired(illum)