General Photographs

The Station House

The Railway Station
The Station House
This building is nearly all that's left of the Railway Station which was closed in 1963.
The station house has been converted into residential property.

The Big Snow of 1947

The Big Snow
The snow of 1947 was the worst in living memory.
This photo shows Main Street as the thaw set in.

The Market House

The Market House
To the left of this photo we see the Market House.
Demolished at the end of the 1960's, it housed a court-room upstairs.
During the 'Emergency' of World War II, the Local Defence Force maintained a barrier and checkpoint outside the Market House.

Waiting at the Creamery

Tractor, Ass & cart
Waiting to deliver milk to the creamery.
John Sweeney and Ben Farrelly wait in the queue at the creamery.
Local Farmers used to bring the milk to the creamery. Now-a-days it is collected by bulk tanker.

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