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The Drum Family

John Drum (1849 - 1898)

John Drum was born in Killeshandra on May 1, 1840. He received his early education at school in his home town, as well as receiving a knowledge of the classics from a private tutor.

In 1854 he emigrated to the U.S. He stayed in New York for a short time before moving to California in 1855. During the Civil War he was Deputy U.S. Marshall and was active in the California State Militia. After the war he was elected Journal Clerk of California but by 1886 he had rejoined the army. By 1867 he was made a First Lieutenant in the regular army and was stationed in Texas in 1870. While there he participated in campaigns against the Comanche Indians and against Geronimo and his band of Apaches as well as seeing service along the Mexican border when Mexico and the U.S. were on the verge of war.

Towards the end of the 1880's he was sent on recruiting duty. In 1894 he was appointed Military Instructor at St Francis Xavier College, New York, where he remained until 1898. He was due to retire but when war was declared he joined his company at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. From there he went on the Mobile, Alabama, Tampa, Florida and eventually to Cuba, where he was killed in action at San Juan, Santiago, on July 1, 1898. His body was interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

Hugh Aloysius Drum (1879 - 1951)

Hugh Aloysius Drum was the son of Captain John Drum. He was born in Fort Brady, Michigan, on September 19, 1879. He graduated from Boston College in 1898 and was made a Second Lieutenant in the Twelfth Infantry. He quickly rose through the ranks. In 1917 he accompanied General Pershing to France as assistant Chief of Staff. By 1918 he was promoted to Colonel and was appointed Chief of Staff of the First Army of the American expeditionary Force. From 1919 to 1927 he served in various army schools.

By 1931 he had been promoted to Major General and was sent to Honolulu as Commander. In 1940 he was appointed Lieutenant General of the New York State Guard. He was president of the Empire State Inc. from 1944 until his death in 1951. During his military career he received many awards such as the Silver Star, the Distinguished Service Medal and the Croix de Guerre.

Walter Drum (1870 - 1921)

Walter Drum was also a son of Captain John Drum. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 21, 1870. He attended a varied of colleges but graduated from Boston College in 1890.

He entered the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1890 and studied in Beirut (Lebanon) and Innsbruck (Austria). He was ordained by Cardinal Gibbons on June 28, 1904. He then travelled to Syria to study Oriental languages. While on a visit to Europe in 1906 he visited his relations in Killeshandra.

He was a professor of scripture, Hebrew and Aramaic from 1908 to 1919 at Woodstock College, Maryland. After a long illness he died in Baltimore in December, 1921.

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