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Photographic Archive - The Menu

sphereKilleshandra in the 1890's
This photograph, the earliest known photograph of the town, was taken at Drummully House, looking across the Town Lake towards the town.

sphereSome Old Photographs
A selection of three photographs showing various aspects of Killeshandra before the 1930's. (Average size 30K)

sphereSome General Photographs
A selection of four photographs showing various aspects of Killeshandra since the 1940's. (Average size 30K)

sphereAn Aerial Photograph from the late 1940's.
This photograph (82K) shows much of Church Street before the expansion of the creamery and the building of the MacCormac Products factory.

spherePostcards of Killeshandra
During the early 1950's local shopkeepers, Hugh Reynolds and Paddy Brady, published a few B&W postcards of the town. Here are some of them. (33K each)

sphereFour aerial photographs from 1969
Four aerial photographs (20K each) taken by William McAskie in 1969. We get an overall view of the town and of the factories in Church Street.

sphereFour B&W photographs from 1973
Four photographs (30K each) taken in 1973 show just how much Main St and Church St have changed in the last few years.

sphereThe Old Sawmill
Up to the early 1960's Fletchers' Sawmills was one of the main sources of employment in Killeshandra. The company ceased to trade in the 1980's. These four photos (mean size 35K) were taken around the time the mill was closed.

sphereKilleshandra Convent
A few more photographs taken at various times over the 60 year life of the convent. (Average size 30K)

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