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sphereMedieval History of Killeshandra
A short essay on the origins of Killeshandra and neighbouring Croghan.

sphereTrinity Island
A short history of Trinity Abbey, situated on Trinity Island. The abbey was the original site of the Kilmore Romanesque Doorway. We thank CavanNet for the contents of this page.

sphereThe Ulster Plantation in Killeshandra.
Killeshandra was settled during the Ulster Plantation. This essay explores the early days of the Plantation and the emergence of Killeshandra town in the proximity of 'The Castle'.

sphereThe 1641 Rebellion in Killeshandra.
Killeshandra played a key role during the 1641 Rebellion in Co. Cavan. This article tells the story of the heroic stand made by the settlers at Croghan and Castle Keelagh against the local O'Reilly chieftain.

sphereKilleshandra Schools since 1826.
Based on various official reports on the state of Irish education, this essay explores the development of primary education in Killeshandra during the 19th century.

sphereKilleshandra before the Famine.
Here we can read about the growing prosperity of the town during the years before the Famine and about the growth of the flax and linen industry in the area.

sphereThe 1841 Census of Killeshandra.
An essay based on an anlysis of the actual returns of the 1841 census, giving us a valuable insight into the life-style of the people in the years immediately before the Famine.

sphereThe Famine in Killeshandra.
Some contemporary reports on the horrors of the Famine.

sphereMore Notes on the History of Killeshandra.
A number of short reports on various aspects of Killeshandra during the last half of the 19th century and the early years of this century. We read about arrival of the railway and the founding of the Institute Hall.

sphereCroghan: The Presbyterian Congregation at Killeshandra.
There has been a Presbyterian congregation around Killeshandra since the early days of the Ulster Plantation. Over the years two of its ministers would be elected Modertor of the Synod of Ulster. This is the story of the Killeshandra Congregation.

sphereInscriptions from the Old Cemetery.
A list of the names and dates on the gravestones in the cemetery around the old 1688 church. The earliest dates go back as far 1601 and the most recent come up to the 1980's.

sphereJohn 'Chevalier' Heney (Heaney)
The story of John Heney (Heaney) who emigrated from Killeshandra in 1843 and settled in Canada. We thank his great-great-grandson, John J Heney, for this article (E-mail: jjheney@cyberplus.ca ).

sphereThe Drum Family
The story of Captain John Drum and his family. John Drum, a native of Killeshandra, achieved prominance in the U.S. military.

sphereMichael Donohoe.
Michael Donohoe, born in Killeshanda in 1864, was elected to the American House of Representatives in 1910.

sphereMatthew Gibney
Born in Killeshandra, Matthew Gibney was ordained a priest in 1863. He worked among the Irish in Western Australia and became Bishop of Perth in 1887.

sphereGeorge Richardson V.C.
Born at Derrylane, near Killeshandra, George Richardson won his V.C. in 1859 while stationed in India during the Indian Mutiny campaign.

sphereThe Hart Family
The story of Patrick Hart and his family who left Killeshandra parish in 1847 and settled in Askeaton, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

sphereA Photographic Archive.
A variety of photographs dating from the 1890's. In some cases there is an opportunity to see a contemporary view of the same subjects.