Fletcher's Saw-Mills

The Saw-Mill

The Mill
Viewed from the grounds of the old Ritz Ballroom
This photograph, taken after the mill had closed, shows the chimney and the empty sheds that were used for storing and seasoning the timber.

Log Trailer

Log Trailer
A trailer for transporting logs to the saw-mill.
These trailers were drawn behind tractors. The back section could be moved back or forward along the spine of the trailer so that it could carry logs of various lengths.

The Mill Crane

The Crane
The Crane in the Old Saw-Mills
This crane, located in the centre of the saw-mill yard, was used for lifting the logs from the trailers. The crane was manually operated using the turning-handles and gears at its base.

A Band Saw

A Bandsaw
One of the bandsaws at the mill.
This photograph was taken some time after the mill had closed.

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