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Welcome to my(really)old site....

The internet is all the rage in Ireland at the moment ADSL,Online Marketing. I know lot's of people are trying to find out about Online marketing in Ireland. they think they now the secrets to the search engines. Well here is a little info I have a bet going with a lad in Ireland, That I can get this page rated highly for marketing online keywords, by the way the specila olympics are being Ireland, lot's of info online so I won't go into it here. Just like to say I have the greatest admiration for all those taking part and the unsung heros who support. Anyway enough waffle let's get back to this online marketing thing.

This site allows me to indulge myself and let off a little steam (i.e. Bullshit). It also allows me a platform to converse about things, which fascinate me. For instance Feng Shui, Computers, Numbers and anything else I decide.

I am not an expert any of these fields but I do have one thing in my favour, when I find something that interests me, I get hooked and try to find out as much as I can about the subject, I particularly like finding a different angle or something obscure about it.

Finally if you browse this site and find something that interest you or even amuses you then, I will have succeeded in what I set out to do.

So grab your browser, mouse and anything else you feel you may need and Happy Surfing.


No Browsers were hurt while making this web site.

Online marketing in Ireland is on the way up, if you want any information regarding online marketing in Ireland, check out the search engines. If they can do what the say regarding online marketing you should be able to find the there :-)    :-)


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