Megalithic art studies by C. Knight and R. Lomas


A possible implementation of Uriel machine (a description of its construction can be found in the Book of Enoch, chapter 72) can be seen below:

Uriel machine

The blue windows are not literally in the text of the Book of Enoch, but they are assumed by the authors.
Every portal is equivalent to the path of the sun during 30 or 31 days. In principle the procedures to build this machine works everywhere in the world and it measures the declination of celestial bodies. Every window is equivalent with 1° in declination (because the obliquity was almost 24° when it was written and according to the authors 24 windows were present).


From the Book of Enoch the months were 30 or 31 days, and thus twelve months in a year (and 364 days per year).


Cuneiform script of Palaeo-Elamite has some resemblance with neolithic art:

The classification system for Transylvanian signs of Shan Winn has 5 motifs:

Megalithic art at Skara Brae:


The form of the lozenge is dependent on the latitude where the the megalithic art is located. The lozenge depicts the azimuth difference between summer and winter solstice rise (or set).

A spiral stands for 3 months, so the triple (double!) spiral in Newgrange stands for 9 months, the human gestation period.

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