Views towards Ward Hill and Cuilags, Orkney

The pictures were made from the mentioned OS-map locations. Then the pictures were resized to the same scale and then the highest point of Ward Hill (hill on the left) was positioned at the same point in the picture. The hill on the right is the Cuilags. The pictures are used in the study of the reappearing sun at Orkney Mainland.
All pictures were made in the periods Nov. 28, 1998 - Dec. 7, 1998 and Dec.21, 1999 - Dec. 23, 1999 by Victor Reijs.

Near Quoyloo (HY243215)

Near settlement of Breckness (HY233099)

From cairns near Voy (HY265153)

From Rosemount near tumuli (HY271165)

From near Shennar Howe (HY280166)

From top of Unstan cairn (HY283118)

From middle of Ring of Bookan (HY284145)

From cairn between Brodgar and Bookan (HY288140)

From Howaback near tumulus (HY294197)

From middle of Ring of Brodgar (HY295133)

Beside Comet Stone (HY296133)

From cairn at bank of Loch of Harray near Ring of Brodgar (HY296134)

Near Brodgar Farm (HY304128)

Beside Watch Stone (HY305127)

From middle of Ring of Stenness (HY306125)

From Garth near tumuli (HY315195)

From tumuli at Staney Hill (HY317157)

From Maeshowe (HY318128)

Beside standing stone at Staney Hill (HY319157)

From Knowes of Trinnawin (HY335189)

From near Knowes of Trotty (HY341179)

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