Renewal of marriage vows by handfasting

On December 22nd, 1999, the newly formed Marriott family (3 hours ago registrated at the Town Hall, Kirkwall, Orkney), renewed their marriage vows in Maeshowe. At this ceremony, using the western traditional handfasting ceremony (some possible handfasting ceremonies can be seen here), some pictures were taken using the Maeshowe web camera (Cam1, also visible over the Internet).

The bride in waiting

The groom places wine in the chalice.

The groom invokes the Goddess (Isis)

The groom welcomes the Goddess's presence.

The bride and groom hand in hand, stating their period of intention of the duration* of the handfasting: into spirit sphere

The groom places his athame into the chalice of wine (symbolizing the male/female principles joined together)

Fasting of the hands together (using the red cord of the groom, note the white cord of the bride is still on her).

The groom offers the chalice of wine to the bride, who drinks of it.

The groom now partakes of the wine (note that the red cord still binds the right (sword) hand of the groom and the left hand of the bride).

Unfasting of the hands

Oops, I was not in time:-(: Bride and groom just kissed each other!

A present (traditionally always given by the groom to his bride after the handfasting)

Unwrapping the 40 million year old present (an ammonite).
The groom is reading the inscription on the card to his bride:
May the Goddess bless our future together, on this sphere and its spirit sphere.

*In the western tradition, the duration can be for:
  1. a full season in any one year
  2. a year and a day
  3. the couple's present lifetime (i.e. till death us do part)
  4. into spirit sphere (i.e. eternity)

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