March 21, 2003



Lucan  - the size of Galway City with just one Development – Adamstown!


It is now or never for your input on the Adamstown development in Lucan, literally. NOW or Never !!


If you don’t make a submission now – you will be excluded from the process which will bring over 20,000 new inhabitants to Lucan – (Adamstown itself is equivalent to a town the size of Ennis) and it will transform Lucan to the population of Galway City … all situated off the Newcastle Road – up from Superquinn.


Given the new planning process that covers Adamstown, as a strategic development zone, ( SDZ) if you don’t make a submission at this stage – you won’t be able to make an appeal to An Bord Pleanala AND there is only one chance to make an appeal on the whole proposal which will govern how Adamstown in developed over the next few years. There will be lots to appeal….


While we welcome much of the approach that South Dublin County Council (SDCC) have adopted around how Adamstown will be developed, you can be certain that the Developers will not like many of our proposals and constraints. They will argue their position strongly at appeal.  Make sure you can have your position heard too – so get in the submission game …


Influence the plan to be presented to the Councilors for their vote.

Make a submission to SDCC by next Monday 17th


Send it to:


Paddy McNamara

Administrative Officer

Planning Department

South Dublin County Council

PO Box 4122


Dublin 24



By Fax

(01) 414 9104


Sick of how long it takes you to get to work …. Make sure you can get there in the future


Make sure Adamstown in not developed until there is proper transportational infrastructure in place with the capacity & services to carry passengers on roads, rail & buses, and flood management provisions for all of Lucan





Be in a position to have your concerns raised at appeal time.


If you are not in …Lucan will loose and so will you !


There is a copy of the plan in Lucan Library which you can look at.


The FIG has been very active in looking at this development from the start, and trying to influence constructively for all concerned.


These are the types of issues that we are concerned about, and which you might like to consider in your own submission.


The development is broken into small developments which are phased in line with requirements to provide certain things. Many of these statements need to be specified in more detail to be effective.


Transport Services: There are requirements specified for each phase of the development around such things as roads, rail etc. However what is really important is that there is an operational service in place – which has the ability and capacity to carry passengers embarking at Adamstown. Two or four railway lines and a station aren’t any good without a service !

Capacity of Services: The phasing needs also to take account of availability of the service at Adamstown – its no good if the train or bus can physically hold ‘x’ amount if it is full!


Heuston Connections: The railway … yes its great to hear how it is progressing – but who wants to commute to Heuston ?

For this to be a valuable transport link




which people will want to use – there needs to be excellent onward connections from

Heuston. So the phasing needs to specify this as well, railway tracks do not mean there is a service!


Be aware that there are only 300 parking spaces at the Station – as this service is clearly not expected that this service will be available in a significant way to the rest of Lucan.


No Environmental Impact Assessment has been done to assess the impact on Lucan of this proposal and to ascertain from different perspectives the viability of putting 20,000 people in a high rise, high density development here. The development will be broken up into small phases – and before you know it – it will all be there, without ongoing checks and balances.


We want an overall EIS and then subsequent ones at each phase. Forget the legal requirements – what makes sense?

This development will have a huge impact on the area and adjacent counties. Major infrustructural investment needs to be properly prompted.


The studies the councilors & we requested by completed before this plan was published are not available yet. It is essential an EIS is done now.


15 storeys high – who was it that told us Adamstown would not be high-rise. With is 38 meters high and Adamstown will have buildings 20ft higher than that. Buildings around the Newcastle Road can be 5 storeys high at corners and also have tall landmark buildings. Not very consistent with the adjacent developments in the area…..


Supermarkets – there should be explicit requirements for one.

Remember lots of other developments will continue to happen in Lucan at the same time.


There’s a need for more Childcare Provisions in the development – if you have to get in your car to drop your kids off outside Adamstown – you will stay in it and drive to work.


All Construction traffic accessing the site must be required to enter via the proposed haul roads and these must be constructed before any development is allowed. The Haul Road needs to keep traffic off Lucan’s already congested road. Thousands of trucks will need to access this site. The need for controlled access needs to be explicit in the plan.


We want a Tonnage limit for traffic on the Newcastle Road between .. ???


We want Enforcement Provisions specified in detail in the plan to deter developers from over-stepping the mark, and to make clear what is permissible.


School Buildings – don’t mean we will have a school that kids can go to.

It needs to be staffed and kitted out. The Phasing needs to specify the schools need to be operational before further phases of development bringing more people proceed.


Lack of really Effective Communication about such a significant development – few people in Lucan really understand what is happening – did SDCC tell you ?


We need your support. You need your support !!


All we want is responsible controlled development – it would make a change !


Contact us at or

c/o 1 Brookpark, Finnstown Abbey,

Lucan, Co Dublin.


Send us a copy of your submission & contact details


Once you get your submission in to the council – put pressure on your Councillors, and TDs.


If no one cares …no one will care until it is too late ! We do get development wrong in Ireland, especially in Lucan. …. Never again !!! It’s in your hands !

On Monday 27th.January we met with An Tanaiste
Ms Mary Harney T'D at her request. Following this
positive meeting we have written to An Tanaiste
and have detailed the items we discussed, which
An Tanaiste indicated her intention to both address
and support us on.


On Tuesday 28th was the first of three public
meetings in relation to Adamstown between the
Council's Planning Department and local
representative groups. Two members of the DTO
also attended the meeting. More information on
both these meetings will be available next week.

There are a little over two weeks left (18th Feb.) to
make a submission on the Adamstown draft
Planning Scheme. There will he no further
opportunity by the local community to have any
input in this development. There is one copy of the
plan in the Lucan Library, during opening hours.
I his development will transform Lucan - which is
already growing at an astronomical rate --to an
area with the population of Galway City

The Finnstown Input Group acknowledges the need
for housing We demand the need for responsible,
controlled and managed, viable and sustainable
developments, with a reasonable quality of life for
those within and around it.

Do not leave it up to other people to ensure this development has the necessary control measures in place. Make your own submission before the 18th of' February to South Dublin County Council.. Only those who make a written submission can appeal the scheme to An Bord Pleanala within 4 weeks of the SDCC decision. Contact us at

Adamstown Update


Re-zoning Controversy

Following a recent article in a Sunday newspaper Cllr Derek Keating, and Deputy Paul Gogarty put down 2 separate motions at last Mondays Council meeting to have the planning process for Adamstown suspended until the contents of the article have been investigated. The Councils Law agent rebutted both motions without any explanation.   

We commend Councillor Keating & Deputy Gogarty on their actions to ensure all issues in relation to planning in Lucan are debated openly, so that public confidence can be established in the process and participants. We fail to understand why the law agent would not allow these motions to be debated in the council chambers. We are also surprised & concerned at the lack of support they received from other councillors, particularly those representing this area.


We have written formally to our TD's, The Tanaiste, Paul Gogarty TD and John Curran TD to ask them to initiate actions on this matter and indeed other concerns we have regarding the handling of numerous controversion planning & development controversies in Lucan, such as  Laraghcon, Weston Aerodrome, the ORR and overall planning & traffic congestion. We await their response.


Timescale for Adamstown planning process

In January we start the last phase of opportunity for YOU the people of Lucan to have an input on how Adamstown is developed, because it follows a special new planning process. Because its following a new process – you have limited opportunity to respond and try to influence this plan. We will publish timescales for the process on this website and in Lucan’s Superquinn centre & The Eurospar in January.


Census figures have confirmed that Lucan is the fastest growing town in Ireland. Adamstown will increase the present population by another 60%. That will make Lucan larger than Waterford City; we know Lucan’s current state of traffic. Lets ensure that all issues that come with this development are phased in this plan, public transport, schools, fire station, health care, lack recreational facilities for the increasing number youth. Please take the time to play your part in Lucan’s future.

Finnstown Input Group

Contact us at



We would like to extend our best wishes to John Curran, Mary Harney & Paul Gogarty who were elected to represent the people of Lucan/Clondalkin. We look forward to a good working relationship between the FIG and the three newly elected TD’s.


We would also like to wish Austin Currie   & Liam Lawlor our best wishes on their retirements Additionally we extend our best wishes to Joanna Tuffy who was most gracious having lost out on the final count to Paul Gogarty.


Over the coming years Lucan will see dramatic changes with several major new housing and commercial developments. While we welcome this growth it needs to be preceded by necessary transportational infrastructure, ( public transport in particular ), together with other social infrastructure such as schools, and other amenities. This is essential to ensuring a quality of life for both the present and future population, and the viability of new developments. School places have already reached crisis point with some schools having to resort to running lotteries to allocate places for the forthcoming year.


South Dublin County Council will soon put on display a draft Strategic Development Zone ( SDZ ), planning scheme for Adamstown for a six-week period. This is a new process intended to facilitate fast-tracking of the development.


Adamstown alone will add an additional 21,250 people to the existing population of 30,000, which would make Lucan larger than Waterford City.


This project is seen as largely dependent on the Kildare Rail line being upgraded and a new Train Station being built at Adamstown. We remain very sceptical of the Government & Irish Rail’s ability to deliver this new service in the early years of Adamstown, and we know its capacity will fall far short of new demand. As with much of the infrastructure it falls outside the bounds of SDCC’s remit to ensure it is delivered.

In order to ensure we are not faced with complete gridlock in Lucan for years to follow, we must ensure SDCC control the phasing of development with the provision of all of the necessary infrastrucuture. This is within their control


It is essential that community groups and individuals make their thoughts on this development clear to SDCC and their local Representatives, before and during the next consultation process.

Simply Remember : Infrastructure before development


We would like to see our newly elected TD’s use their voice on our behalf to ensure that Lucan receives the necessary Rail & Bus infrastructure in advance of development, and that a significant priority is placed on public transportation – subsidised if necessary. The current proposals are very orientated towards road improvements. This will not solve current or future gridlock. It is an undisputed fact that roads only serve to add to congestion.

Do you want to live in your house or your car ?


Contact us at


Update 31/07/2001


Thanks to every-one who supported the campaign over the last number of weeks. Your support made a real difference in focusing the mind of the councillors and the officials of SDCC on this matter.


In Summary, the Local Area Plan was passed unanimously by the Councillors, following the amendment of the plan with 31 motions, of which we had proposed those detailed below. These are fundamentally focused on controlling the development in line with provision of necessary flood & transportation infrastructure. We were pleased with the result. While our motions were not passed in their entirety, the objectives of the elected councillors in passing this plan were clearly evidenced. We thank them for their support, and look forward to their vigilance in ensuring the will of the people and the interests of the existing & new population are preserved.


It is really important for people to realise, this is still not over. New plans will be produced in accordance with the SDZ process, for phases of the development, and these must be reviewed with a level of vigilance unlike anything we have encountered to date. Because, new legislation constraints severely your ability to appeal these plans in the future. In fact you will only have four weeks to appeal them to An Bord Pleanala after they have been passed, and after that you can’t. It is our hope, that the objectives outlined in the local Area Plan will be observed within the new plan(s). If not, well then it is battle-stations !


We have also requested the Tanaiste, who is also our local TD to request the Minister for the Environment & Local Government, to employ his full legislative powers to specify and have conducted a full Environmental Impact Assessment on the Area, for this plan. It is outrageous that the planning process has gone so far without a sanity check being performed on the totality of what is being proposed. The Tanaiste indicated she felt there was merit in our suggestion, and indicated in writing her willingness to approach the Minister on this matter.


Please feel free to email us @ should you wish to become involved further or appraised of the group’s activities.


FIG Motions Proposed for the

SDCC Agenda on the Proposed Adamstown Local Area Plan Meeting

16th July 2001


2. Councillors J. Curran, D. Doherty-Ryan


“ The objective of this motion is to ensure that the phasing of all the development of Adamstown is managed in line with the capacity of the transportational infrastructure to support it.


Planning Permission for all residential & commercial developments in Adamstown, be provided strictly on the basis of the availability of an adequate transportational infrastructure which can reasonably accommodate the proposed new residents of Adamstown, and adjacent communities.


The adequacy of that transportational infrastructure, must be determined as a result of reports by independent eminent consultants.


Those reports should assess the demand likely for shared aspects of the transportational infrastructure through Lucan, such as roads, the railway line and its city links, in the context of significant or phased developments proposed for Adamstown.


The assessments should be based on demand from both developments planned & lands zoned for (residential) development in the domain of SDCC and Kildare County Council, over similar timeframes to those proposed for Adamstown, at a minimum.  


The terms of reference for the reports should be agreed by the councillors, and open to amendment by them


The necessary transportational infrastructure should ideally be provided in advance or in parallel to the development of Adamstown. In such cases where planning permission for development is being sought on the basis of necessary infrastructure, which is to be delivered in parallel to development, to meet the requirements of the new population;  then funding for that infrastructure must be sanctioned by the appropriate authority & secure, and necessary resources and timeframes for it’s delivery be clearly committed to by the appropriate agencies to reasonably demonstrate that it will be completed in line with the development proposed.”



6. Councillors J. Curran, P.Gogarty, D. Keating, J. Tuffy & D. Doherty-Ryan

"That South Dublin County Council shall develop an Integrated Transport framework plan within 12 months of this Local Area plan being adopted or before the notice for the first SDZ draft planning scheme is The terms of reference for the report should be agreed by the councillors  Councillors should be consulted before the terms of reference are agreed


8. Councillors J. Curran, P.Gogarty, D. Keating, J. Tuffy & D. Doherty-Ryan

That South Dublin County Council shall review and adjust if necessary the residential density it is planning for Adamstown so that the population planned is met by the assessed capacity of the transport infrastructure when the Integrated Framework Plan is available.


9. Councillors J. Curran, P.Gogarty, D. Keating, J. Tuffy & D. Doherty-Ryan

"That in order to ensure no further congestion of Newcastle road during the construction of Adamstown it is recommended that a 3 ton limit is imposed on the Newcastle road, between the Westbury Estate & the Railway bridge during the development of the Adamstown lands, and that the Principal  roads as indicated in fig 6.3 pg. 18 and detailed in Section 2.4.8 of the LAP be constructed and completed within 12 months of the commencement of the development, and/or te prinhat the development be constrained until the appropriate infrastructure is in place.”   “That in order to ensure no further congestion of the Newcastle Road during the construction of Adamstown it is recommended that the principle North, South, East and West Roads be constructed and completed in tandem with development ”


10. Councillors J. Curran, P.Gogarty, D. Keating, J. Tuffy & D. Doherty-Ryan

"That the development of the Adamstown lands be undertaken at a level strictly phased in line with the delivery of the Public Transport and Road Network Improvements as detailed in ( the plan ) Sections  2.4.5,  2.4.6 and 2.4.7 of the LAP, and requisite flood management provisions."





12. Councillors J. Curran, D. Doherty-Ryan

“ That planning permission for residential & commercial developments in Adamstown, be provided strictly on the basis of the assessment and the pre-requisite implementation of an adequate flood management infrastructure for the area, and the implementation of any outstanding or additional short to medium term recommendations for the Greater Lucan area.


The adequacy of that flood management infrastructure should be determined on the basis of an independent report from an independent report from am eminent consultancy, on the flood management requirements for the Greater Lucan & Newcastle areas.


The study should include a cumulative assessment of the proposed developments for the area,  those underway already , the Adamstown development itself, and proposed road & rail infrastructure, as viewed over the next 6 year timeframe. 


The flood management requirement should be re-assessed on a two yearly basis at a minimum, or with each new phase of development of Adamstown, or as required, whichever comes first.


The terms of reference for these reports should be agreed and open to amendment by the elected councillors. ”




14. Councillors J. Curran, P.Gogarty, D. Keating, J. Tuffy & D. Doherty-Ryan

That South Dublin County Council  shall carry out a flood management report of Adamstown within 12 months of this local area plan being  adopted or before the notice for the first SDZ draft planning scheme is issued (ref. Planning and Development Act 2000, Part IX, Section 169 (1) (a) & (b) ). All major recommendations need to be implemented in line with development. The terms of reference for the reports should be agreed by the councillors. Councillors should be consulted before the terms of reference are agreed ”



21 – Councillors J. Curran, D. Doherty-Ryan   - No change


That the council strictly uphold two statements they have made in the Local Area Plan in the section marked Appendix 4 of the Proposed Adamstown Local Area Plan, in relation to this matter as follows:


“ Sensitive architectural design & layout of buildings and spaces to preserve local views ”

“ The provision of an integrated belt of parks and open spaces to preserve local views”




The FIG held a meeting in The Finnstown House Hotel on Tuesday night, the purpose of which was to get an update from the Councillors on all motions being put forward on the Adamstown Plan. John Curran, Paul Gogarty, Derek Keating, Teresa Ridge, and Joanna Tuffy attended. Deirdre Doherty Ryan sent her apology.

Members of the Finnstown Input group stressed the importance of the need for all our motions to be included in their entirety ( It’s still not quite clear the significance between the Local Area Plan and a Strategic Development Plan (SDZ). All Councillors were asked to consider voting ‘NO’ to this plan on Monday if the necessary time frames and checkpoints were not included. They were willing to consider this option, but they:

feel that a more detailed plan will be available at the SD/ phase where further submissions can be made. They have agreed to seek clarification on some of the motions and to have amendments made using data from the Planning and Development Act 2000.

On Wednesday afternoon there was a meeting at the offices of an Táiniste Ms Mary Harney, (at her invitation). 3 members of the FIG, along with members from Hillcrest Resident’s Association and from Finnstown Fairways attended it. The meeting lasted about an hour, where all present briefed An Táiniste on our concerns. A letter from the FIG was presented to Ms Harney with a number of required responses regarding Adamstown. Ms Ham6y agreed to look into a number of issues and report back to the group within 2 weeks. We look forward to this. The letter presented can be seen on the Finnstown Input site.

Our roadside poster campaign is proving a huge success. A short message will be generated to all of the 26 Councillors seeking support for the 6 motions we put forward. We understand the concerns of some residents of Lucan regarding our posters, but we will ensure that all posters will be taken down once this campaign is over. All posters have been placed in the greater Lucan area and not in the village.

We would like to acknowledge significant donations by Finnstown Fairways and Hillcrest Residents Association towards the cost of the posters. If you wish to have some input on Adamstown, contact our group at


A meeting took place last week between all the Lucan Councillors and John Curran from Clondalkin. The purpose of this meeting was to have a number of motions regarding Adamstown agreed on by all the Lucan Councillors submitted to the County Manager. All Councillors present were very supportive and 5 motions were agreed, to be submitted with their approval. These motions and the Plan will be voted on at a special Council meeting-taking place on July 1 6th. Members of the Finnstown Input group will lobby all 26 Councillors vigorously in the next 2 weeks to ensure they support their Lucan colleagues on these motions, a straight majority is required to have them passed. The Fig will also embark on a major awareness campaign on Adamstown. This will be done in a number of ways. The first will be a roadside poster display, which will go up on all major junctions between the Leixlip interchange on the N4 and the M50. If you wish to support us click on A short message will be sent to all Councillors & T.D.s of the area, including the Minister of Environment and opposition spokespersons. This is your opportunity to support the FIG and to ensure Adamstown will be developed with the necessary control.

For more information see the insert in this week’s Newsletter ( 8th. July 2001).


Finnstown Input Group


What is the Finnstown Input Group


It is a new voluntary umbrella group for residents in the Finnstown area.

Our Goals are to

  • Improve the quality of the Living environment in the Finnstown area
  • Provide constructive input to developments in the Finnstown area, both proposed & required.

Why were we formed?

  • Lucan is continuing to expand. We want to try to see that it’s done in a sustainable way.
  • We want proper facilities to be put in place for new and existing residents, so that the quality of your living environment is managed

Let your Views be Heard : Contact us or ….

Unit 2 Finnstown Shopping Centre, Newcastle Road ………or ……..

Fax 62118/58 or Brian at 087 687 5561


Adamstown – What do you know about it ?


It’s a new town to be built in Lucan!

It’s a new type of town, High density, High Rise.

Adamstown alone will increase lucan’s current population by two-thirds in less than 10 years

  • Currently 29,000 Live in Lucan
  • Adamstown will add a further 21,500
  • Adamstown will be an area of just over 500 acres - the size of Luttrellstown Castle & Golf Course!
  • Adamstown alone, will be larger than Tralee (population 19,950), Kilkenny (18,696), Sligo (18,509) or Ennis (17,726).

What will Adamstown mean to you?


It will mean many things. Areas we need to influence are: Major Construction Traffic, Access Routes, Public Transport, Amenities, Flood Management ….. i.e. the general infrastructure & the management of the plan.


Last date for public input is June 5th


The Current Consultation Process with the Public ends soon …. on June 5th.

There is one copy of the proposed plans for the Adamstown development available from the desk in Lucan Library! Have a look. Talk to us.

See, LucanNewsletter & local papers for details from us.


South Dublin County Council Information Evenings on Adamstown


Council to hold two public meetings – Have you heard of these?

The Council are holding 2 information evenings on the Adamstown Development next week ……..

Council’s Public Meetings on the Plans for Adamstown will take place

22nd & 24th May

from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

in St Joseph’s, Chapel Hill, Lucan Village

The council will present the plan and you can ask questions. All residents of Lucan are invited.

Make your views known on: Construction Traffic, Access Routes, Population Density, Amenities, Public Transport, Flood Management …

Our Immediate Objectives are to:

* Promote awareness regarding the Adamstown Development & associated
proposals, in the local community.

* Provide an immediate focal point for consolidating constructive input into
the Adamstown planning process.

* Strive to ensure that:

* Adequate infrastructure is provided for this significant new Adamstown
community (17,500 - 21,500 people)

* The impact of all phases of development of Adamstown development is
minimised on the existing Finnstown & adjacent communities.

* The visual & practical impact of the Adamstown plan on our lives and
living environments is minimised

* Pursue re-assessment of the proposed access routes and traffic management

We acknowledge Dublin's need for housing. Lets ensure that this development
is one we can always be proud off.

        Contact us:

                Unit 2 Finnstown Shopping Centre, Newcastle Rd, Lucan.            

Fax: 6211858

or contact

Brian at 087 6875561


Make your views heard. Your input can make a difference.




Mr Paul Hogan, Senior Executive Planner, Adamstown Development Programme Planner, SDCC


The Senior Administrative Officer, Planning Department, SDCC, PO Box 4122,Town Centre, Tallaght

Re: Proposed Adamstown Local Area Plan


Dear Sir(s) and/or Madame,

I am writing on behalf of the Finnstown Input Group (The F.I.G.), to make two requests, namely:

  1. An extension to the review & consultation period currently being undertaken for the proposed Adamstown Development. This current review stage is due to conclude we believe on June 5th 2001.
  2. A statement outlining the public developmental and planning review process to be undertaken for this development, in the case of it being deemed a Strategic Development Zone, or the alternative processes if it is not so deemed.


The request for an extension is made primarily in the light of three factors:

  1. The practical problems experienced with the initial Public Consultation Process, which included distribution and publicisation issues. This led to a consequential extension period, which while welcome was acknowledged to be informal and under-publicised.
  2. The fundamental significance of the development proposed, which needs to accommodate an effective green-field development for in and around 21,250 people
  3. The significance of the outstanding decision by an Bord Pleanala on the Outer Ring Road development, and the consequences for the proposed access routes for Adamstown.


The unfortunate shortcomings of the initial consultation process were generously acknowledged in the recent Adamstown Development Local Area Plan document. However, they have undoubtedly, however unintentionally, led to an undemocratic & inappropriate lack of understanding, regarding the significance of this development in adjacent & impacted areas. These problems undoubtedly undermined the fundamental objective of the consultation process from the outset.

A development of this size will clearly have an impact on surrounding and adjacent areas. This development will provide much needed residential accommodation in the Dublin/Kildare areas, and the planning for this will need to be most carefully considered and managed. The Public Consultation Processes and Checkpoints have been provided for a reason. In the face of the size of this proposal, the need to assimilate & respond to it in a considered fashion, and in recognition of the issues experienced with the consultation process to date, we believe our request for and extension to Friday June 22nd to be wholly reasonable, and in the best interests of all involved.

The Finnstown Input Group (The F.I.G), on whose behalf these requests are being formally made, is a recently convened umbrella group of residents and residential groups, in the Finnstown and adjacent communities. Our stated objectives are to:

  • Continually improve the quality of the living environment in the Finnstown area.


  • Provide constructive input into developments required, or proposed for the Finnstown area, taking into account the needs of existing residents and expected new residents.



Obviously, the proposed Adamstown development figures significantly on our agenda at present. We look forward to working with South Dublin County Council, its Councillors, all of our elected representatives, existing residents and groups such as the Lucan Together for Quality of Living, to making sure the Adamstown Development is a success for both new & existing communities.

We await your response to both matters, namely a clarification of the processes, and an extension to the current review phase.

We would also be delighted to be included in your circulation for information pertinent to this area. Finally, should we need to present our requests to another party for consideration, please forward them immediately on our behalf and advise us of it.

Yours sincerely

Attracta Uí Bhroin & Paul van Kampen

Joint Secretary to the Finnstown Input Group.


South Dublin County Councillors:

Paul Gogarty, Derek Keating, Joanna Tuffy, Deirdre Doherty-Ryan

An Tanaiste Mary Harney,

Austin Curry TD, Liam Lawlor TD, Brian Lenihan TD,

Minister for Environment & Local Government, Noel Dempsey

The Secretary, Lucan Together for Quality of Living



March 21, 2003