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Welcometo the Brazil Families Web Site.

These pages have been compiled by Gerard Brazil R.I.P. of Dublin and contains details of Brazil families found originally in various Irish counties. Details of these families are contained in a database together, in some cases, with details of related families.

Gerard was born on 12 July 1929 and died 9th December 2005.  This pages reflect on some of his research into the Brazil families over the pass fifteen years.  It is hope that the family will continue this work.

A GEDCOM file or a MS Word file similar to the sample, containing the relevant data is available on request. Just fill in the data request form, giving as much information as possible. Please note that these data do not generally extend further back than the early 19th century.

I would appreciate corrections and amplification to these data. Information on North American, United Kingdom and Australian or any other non-Irish bearers of the Brazil name (under its numerous spellings) would also be appreciated.


O'Breasail was the original Gaelic name of this family. Anglisation has caused it to appear under various forms mainly Brassil, Brazil and Brazel although some early records, circa 1864 use the spelling Brazill or Brazille. A fuller treatment of the history of the Brazil name is attached.

Research indicates that the current Brazil families in Ireland appeared to originate from clearly defined areas. It is probable that if it were possible to go back further in history many of these families would have a common ancestor but this is pure speculation.

The main areas of origin appear to be:

Some Brazils have also been found in:

So far the family in the Nenagh area of Tipperary has not been tied into any other family. A family in the Kilcaroon area of south Tipperary could possibly be part of the Waterford group and is included with the data for that county. Another isolated family was found in Clonmel.

The main Kilkenny family is centred close to New Ross, Co.Wexford so it is possible that the families in New Ross may be part of this group. The other Wexford location is around Camolin, close to the Wicklow border, while the Wicklow family is located just across the border suggesting a connection.

At first it was thought that the Brassil families from Kerry, Clare and Limerick were a separate family group unconnected with the other Brazil families. As a result of this misconception they were not researched though some members of this family may in fact have been included as a result of their moving into the areas of interest.

Sean Wallace (private communication) has drawn my attention to A History of Kerry by Jeremiah King. According to this work a number of Irish tribes were moved from Queens County (modern Leix) to Kerry by a man called called Crosby. This individual was in fact originally MacCrossan but he and his ilk renamed themselves Crosby to appear more English. This migration included some O'Breasails who would appear to have anglicised the spelling to Brassil. Not all O'Breasails went to Kerry. Some appeared to have escaped and moved further west into Kings County. These later appear as Brazel.

Some data from the International Genealogical Index is included under appropriate countries.

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