26th June 2000

By Alex Russell
Editor "Continuum"

for AidsMyth Dissident News

In their well researched and concisely argued book, World Without AIDS, Steve Ransom and Philip Day expose with admirable clarity the politics of 'AIDS' and pseudo-science of 'HIV'. This investigative dossier of dissident 'AIDS' Files is compiled from the desks of the world's most renowned medical practitioners, scientists, researchers and activists, both orthodox and dissident.

Reading like a Dictionary of 'AIDS' Dissident Quotations, their book is an ideal quick reference source. Ransom and Day are the researchers behind Credence Publications, "an independent research organisation whose personnel have been reporting on contentious medical issues for over ten years". It is an enthralling read for the uninitiated and a useful summation of the known mistakes, prevarications and lies masquerading as 'HIV/AIDS' science.

The authors state that the aim of their book will accomplish five goals:
1) Exposing The Politics of AIDS,
2) Exposing HIV,
3) Exposing the Real cause of AIDS,
4) Reporting the Many Case Histories of AIDS 'Sufferers',
5) Ending The Fear That Clouds Many Lives.

They have certainly succeeded in their goals.

The authors classify the pseudo-scienctific 'HIV/AIDS' paradigm as primarily a political and socio-economic discourse. They argue that the "myths and lies surrounding AIDS" are generated and perpetuated by the macro and micro power structures, from the global mass-media and pharmaceutical giants to government agencies and charity bodies. Throughout the book, the authors emphasise the socio-economic multinational power blocs and governmental agencies that keep AIDS Inc in business.

Part 1: 'Western AIDS' contains many mind-blowing quotes from Harvey Bialy, Stefan Lanka, Kary Mullis and Pietermaritzburg lawyer Anthony Brink, in the chapters 'Fake Diamonds' and 'Cooking Up HIV', which focus on the political construction and scientific deconstruction of 'HIV'. In part 2, 'African' AIDS, the authors argue that 'HIV/AIDS' is being used by Western powers as a post-colonialist political weapon for Malthusian manipulation of populations in the 'developing' world - Africa and India in particular; only by instilling fear into the populations through 'HIV' terrorism (condomania) can the population growth of these areas be curtailed. The authors state: "As we shall discover, The World Bank, IMF, UNDP, USAID, and UNFPA, all key players in the AIDS program, adhere fanatically to the philosophy of population control in all their major agendas, especially AIDS 'care'...The Durban 2000 AIDS conference has the funding of fifteen sponsors, eleven of whom are pharmaceutical industries and/or organisations who have a direct interest in population control. That the Ford Foundation is one of the sponsors of Durban 2000 will come as little surprise to readers au fait with the population control 'league of friends'..."

Whilst conspiracy theories should always be treated with the utmost caution, the authors do make a convincing case for 'HIV/AIDS' being used as a terror weapon for population control. The authors state their case: 'The Politics of AIDS' is macro-analysis of the 'AIDS' power blocs and brokers notably Time/TimeWarner/Time Inc./AOL/CNN/Turner Inc, World Bank, WHO, IMF. It was Time, CNN Sky, and Reuters that spread the US government propaganda that 'AIDS' in Africa is now a security problem. There does seem to be a well-organised global mass media conspiracy to promote the lie of 'African AIDS', as Eleni Eleopulos states: "The uppermost question in the minds of intelligent Africans and Europeans is this: Why do the world's media appear to have conspired with some scientists to become so gratuitously extravagant with the truth?" The authors chillingly point out that: "Officials from the World Bank, IMF,Trilateral Commission, CFR, WHO, USAID, UNAIDS, UNICEF, CNN, Time Inc., Rothschild, Bilderberg, Rockerfeller/Ford/Gates Foundation, and related pharmaceutical and media consortiums are meeting to decide on their exact approach to the 'Third World and Sub-Saharan AIDS' campaign."

The section, 'AFRICAN AIDS', is timed perfectly in the context of the forthcoming Durban 2000 AIDS Conference which will be marketing the myth of an African 'HIV/AIDS' pandemic. The habitual 'AIDS' Industry freeloaders flying out (all expenses paid) to the Durban junket should be forced to read this book before they set off: it might shame them into telling the truth for once- rather than perpetuate pernicious, scientifically erroneous 'AIDS' dogma.

Regarding deadly Durban 2000, the authors ask: "Given the source of sponsorship monies, what opportunities will there be at Durban 2000 to discuss the ethics of widespread untested vaccinations on men, women and children?...Who will openly denounce Durban 2000's all-consuming profit-driven Malthusian mentality? Who will stand up and declare this whole gathering despicable?"

The authors situate the mythology of 'African AIDS' in the historical context of the Western colonialist-racist stereo-types of 'sex-craved savages'. They cite Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Coppola's Apocalypse Now as "the parallels between their journey into darkness and ours into African AIDS becoming ever more apparent the further up-river we travel."

The racist rubbish of an 'African AIDS epidemic' is demolished by first-hand accounts from Celia Farber, Christian Fiala, Rosalind Harrison, Philippe Krynen, Winifred Mwebe and Joan Shenton. Says Journalist Celia Farber: "Many believe that the statistics have been inflated because 'AIDS' generates far more money in the Third World from Western organisations than any other infectious disease. This was clear to us when we were there: Where there was 'AIDS' there was money - a brand new clinic, a new Mercedes parked outside, modern testing facilities, high paying jobs, international conferences..." Winifred Mwebe who lived in Uganda for 30 years reports: "I have never seen or heard of any Ugandan, young or old, dying of any illness other than so-called HIV-related illnesses. Whenever you asked what happened if someone dies, the answer 'What else?' I think that shows how ignorant our community is about these controversial issues. Ignorance kills. It will not stop until we educate our people. And education is never widespread when there is big money and politics involved. Many Africans still think the white man is superior and that they do not make mistakes."

The chapter, 'Some Conquerors' presents us with "tremendous testimonies" from "people who have come out or are coming out from under the curse of the myth of HIV." These personal histories become the ultimate embodied deconstruction of the 'HIV/AIDS' lie: their experiences and survival demonstrates that we can, and will, live without 'AIDS'.

For the ill-informed and uninitiated, the chapter, 'Frequently Asked Questions', is designed to help answer some of those pub-quiz Reader's Digest questions concerning 'HIV/AIDS' mythologies. This format is ideal for those millions who have been spoon-fed 'AIDS' pap sound-bites. At the same time, it is not written in a patronising manner. As the authors state, so much written on 'HIV/AIDS' is mystified pseudo-science fiction; this section strips down the myths by offering crystal clear analysis.

In 'OK. So What Can You Do' , the authors offer their readers a chance to add their voice "to the debate", by listing the major UK and US media consortiums. This book is not a purely academic affair but a powerful political polemic fused with a call to their readers to turn their words into action:

"It is said that history is written by the victors. It is our fervent hope however that this book, along with your dissident voice and helpful actions, will significantly contribute to the rewriting of the tragic history of HIV and AIDS".

In 'People Helping PeopleTo Return to Health', the authors append a list of useful organisations and contacts for those who want to take direct action to help themselves. This book is a convincing and persuasive summary for those unfamiliar with the dissident viewpoint.

Alex Russell,
June 2000

World Without AIDS. ISBN 0-9535012-5-6
by Steve Ransom and Philip Day 12.50 279pp. Paperback
First published June 2000 by Credence Publications
Order Electronic at www.worldwithoutaids.org
Credence Publications PO Box 3, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 9ZY England UK

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