Welcome to our website we are a small greyhound breeding and rearing kennels

Set in the West of Ireland near Galway

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Golly's Website back up and running......True Honcho pups now avialble.........March diary now online....For Sale page updated......

"All in all, the Gollys Kennels site is a must visit-
even if it is only for the picture of the cute dog looking over the old stone wall."
Paul Edwards - Feb05 Greyhound Monthly Magazine.


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Golly's Greyhound Kennels
We rear race greyhound and greyhounds greyhound puppies broods and stud. WE have pups puppies brood brood bitches at our kennels dogs dog bitch bitches golly gollys gollys kennels rearing kennels racing tracks Ireland west of Ireland Galway raise rearers race hound hounds kennel saplings for sale we love our greyhounds we are breeders who breed and rear pups and puppies breeders who enjoy rearing dogs to race. rearers of racing dog and bitch bitch and dog broods stud breeding pup gollys kennel greyhound breed pup,"