What is the final entry in the log book of the U 260?

  • Why did the Irish Army separate the new Captain from his crew in the Irish POW camp?
  • What is contained in the secret debriefing's hidden in the military archives of the Irish Army?
  • How did the secret code books and documents end up in a top secret file in Dublin when the last signal from the boats captain said they had been destroyed, and what did the neutral Irish Free State do with them?
  • What secret papers did the captain of the U 260 pick up in Norway and what had he been ordered to do with them by Dönitz

SILENT WATERS, RUNNING DEEP is a visual documentary on two levels, the first is a look back and interview with the surviving crew of the U 260, their thoughts and emotions and the second is the latter day physical search for the underwater resting place of the U-260.

The latter day search for the boat is important, apart from providing stunning visual for the documentaries narrative, it's structural analysis will provide a number of important clues as to how the U 260 met her end. The official report is that she was scuttled after hitting a mine and become unmanageable, there are however, conflicting testimonies which appear to have a more valid answer.

The documentary which will be one hour in length and will contain underwater footage, WW 2 archive footage and present day interviews to build up a comprehensive picture of what happened aboard the U 260. The underwater footage will also enable the use of a remote camera to see for the first time in nearly sixty years, into the dark interior of the U 260's silent hull.

The director has also sourced the following in support of the documentary's production:

The Ships Log books

  • The Ships Code Books and other secret documents
  • The debriefing records of the crew and permission to view and record them.
  • Secret Travel orders for the captain of the U260 to meet with Dönitz before he sailed on his last mission
  • The German speaking Irish intelligence officer who debriefed the crew.
  • A number of on camera interviews with members of the crew
  • The final resting place of the U 260
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U Boat Training. The Crew of the U 260 in Training.
Photos taken on board the U 260, including "refueling at sea"
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The Secret Papers Of the U 260
Photos of the U 995 one of the lasst remaining U boats
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