Kindness Award 2000..Pick Up Page
Congratulations!.Your kindness resulted in receiving our unique "IAS & Manjushri Mandala Kindness Award 2000". An award which can't be applied for. The Kindness Award was introduced in July 99 and is proudly displayed on ~ 280 sites (1999).
We either awarded you for having an outstanding site and/or for your kindness of awarding us, giving us a banner link or did us another favour web-kindness.
In case you accept our award please link him to http://www.iol.ie/~taegerand mail us the URL where you displayed the award. We will add you than to the winners list, which you can find here. Some keywords for our page: Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Art, Astrology, Data Research, New Age, Nature of Mind, Wisdom, Fractal Art, Sixties, Beauty, Ireland, Author Hans Taeger... or whatever you think.
The awards are already reduced to it's minimum. Please don't reduce further. Thank you.
If you like to give us a banner-link too, please go to our banner-page, choose a logo and drop us a note with the URL were the banner is displayed. We will add you than with a text link to our banners list. Thank you very much!
Please don't link to this secret URL !!!
- In February 2000 we will start also a normal (open) awards program.
- May our dragon king (Tibetan: drug dru) grant you luck, power, prosperity, wisdom and a long life!
- Thank you for your kindness. Love and rainbow-greetings from Ireland, Hans & Thomas & Crew!
Kindness Award 2000
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Kindness Award 1999
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