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Benefits of Membership


Intangables Benefits
Benefits such as networking, leadership opportunities etc are outlined in the video on ISA, the automation society. This professionally produced introduction, ISA Connections, presents an excellent view of the society, and a good discussion of the benefits of membership! ISA Connections is now available to view on You Tube. Take a look and judge for yourself!

  • 12 monthly issues of INTECH, the International Technical Journal, are posted free to every member.

  • Six issues of INCON, Ireland Section Newsletter are posted free to every member.

  • ISA's Directory of Instrumentation

  • ISA Standards and Practices (around 150) are available free to Members

  • Technical Library - Access to unlimited downloads of ISA's library of over 2,500 technical papers published at ISA conferences and symposia.

  • Over 700 other, Publications and Educational Aids are accessible at special ISA member discounts.

  • Many titles are available in print and on computer disk and on CD-ROM.

  • ISA online is open to all Internet users, but some data is reserved for ISA members only. The address is

  • Inside ISA Newsletter covers members activities and achievements, as well as current news in various industries and applications. Now on the Web at Inside ISA Dept of ISA On-Line.

  • 22 Technical Divisions focus on specific industries and technologies.

  • Over 150 teaching videos and interactive multimedia instruction programs (INVOLVE) are available for education and professional development

  • Membership Rates (Word Document)