{short description of image}"WHO IS WRITING THE FUTURE?" - A fascinating and challenging statement from the Bahá'í International Community, which makes sense of this Century's developments. It reviews important milestones in the history of the twentieth century in the light of the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh and sets out prospects and challenges for the transition to a global civilization.

{short description of image} A REVIEW OF "WHO IS WRITING THE FUTURE?" - Published in Bahá.í Journal UK, October 1999..

{short description of image}"PEACE AMONG THE NATIONS" - Statement from the Office of Public Information (Bahá'í International Community) dealing with the "Lesser Peace" and international developments.

{short description of image}"TOWARDS THE NEW MILLENNIUM" - Article by noted Bahá'í scholar Dr. Moojan Momen. A fruitful source both of insights to Bahá'ís and of points and ideas that can be shared with non-Bahá'ís, whether in discussions or through letters of editors, media releases, etc.

{short description of image}MULTI-FAITH APPROACH - Suggested letter to local media (U.K. - orientated). Refers to official government document which recognises multi-religious nature of Britain at this time and includes the Bahá'í Faith in "the world's major religious traditions" in this context.

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