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The Saturday Group

The Saturday Group are a bunch of gamers that meet on Saturdays to play RPGs. Why what else did you expect?

Anyway this page is was dedicated to them and their activities. Since then it's grown to include the Monday Night Gang and the Sunday Group. 

Here you will find links to a diary of the current campaign of the Saturday Group as told by my character, Alex Sendant. His story of the Company of the Forge takes up several linked pages. While the Saturday Group have played other games not just D&D, the main campaign world has always been Mel's long-running Forgotten Realms world and Mel has supplied me with quite a bit of stuff from the campaign as well to include here.

Other pieces on this page, or linked to, include contributions from other Group members and information about the other groups I'm in.

The Saturday Group now have their own mailing list/group on Yahoo Groups. This is a moderated group with invited members only. 

So without further ado on with the website!


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Cursing In Elvish

Any campaign where the GM goes to the bother of printing and publishing its own fanzine has to be special. Well Mel has been publishing Cursing In Elvish since before my time. It's generally only distributed among the members of the Saturday Group (and the other groups he used to run) and contains works written by them. Some articles by Mel of general interest to gaming were republished in other fanzines such as the late lamented Psychobabble. In fact I have a issue of that very 'zine (actually I have all of them) containing an article by Mel and a letter by yours truly before we had even met each other.   

Anyway the latest issues of Cursing in Elvish are available here. Mel has kindly given me permission to make these available to you via this website. 


Cursing In Elvish: Vol 3 #3

For PDF version

For Word version

Cursing In Elvish: Vol 3 #2

For PDF version

For Word version

P.S. I hope to have access to some older issues very soon. Stay tuned. In the meantime Nigel is loading some of the really old (pre-computer printed) issues on his site.

My campaign diary has grown so much that it now merits its own set of pages. The links below will bring to these pages..

It's funny how things can change. When I started to get known among the Dublin gaming community it was as a Magic player and for other CCGs. In point of fact I had started gaming at home in Wexford long before that with D&D. Now almost 20 years later I find I'm playing D&D in several groups. Mel's Saturday Group is, of course, the longest but with my own Sunday Group, which had a shaky start, but we stuck with it, and more recently Derek's Monday Night Group, I should be playing twice a week, at least.

With Living Greyhawk at Gaelcon recently, it meant I played in 4 different settings in less than 8 days around that time, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms of Kalamar and Scarred Lands.  

The history of The Saturday Group has been moved to the bottom of this page seeing as it is the least likely thing to change over the  weeks.  although I have added to it with news of the Sunday Group (ideas for a new name are more than welcome).



Anyone who intends to play in these scenarios should not read the Campaign Trail pages until after they have played as that might spoil the adventure for you. GM's of course are free to read away to see how we fared.

Mel has also agreed to allow me to publish his own scenarios which he has written for the Saturday Group. 

The first of these is available below. This scenario was written for the group but is easily adaptable into any campaign. The party which played this consisted of level 2 and level 3 characters.

Suffer Little Children

  for PDF version

  for Word version

The second scenario is available now. Again this scenario was written for the group but can be adapted into any campaign. The party which played this consisted of level 3 and level 4 characters. The adventure was named Sendant's Sinister Secret after three of the PCs but we present it here under its nickname, 

Skeleton In The Closet 

  for PDF version 

  for Word version 

(N.B. the maps will be available here shortly) 

All scenarios published on this site are subject to the Open Gaming Licence

The story of the Company Of The Forge is told through the diaries of Alex Sendant, charter member of the company, an adventuring group out of Highmoon in the Dales. Alex, a ranger/bard and now a member of the Harpers, with his brothers Kane & Artemis, & the spell casters Simone, Shephard & Joseph form the company. They were later joined by the cleric adventurer Br. Chadwick, who replaced the last charter member, the mysterious fighter, Kassad. 

The logo above links to the full campaign diary or you can use the link below to jump straight to the latest bit.     

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N.B. Weeks marked as with * or ** contain information relevant to published scenarios or those available from this site. Do not read these if you intend to play the scenarios first.


Evil Cleric's Weekly

Cyril's contributions have begun to take on a life of their own and now merit their own page. 

click here to go to Cyril's Page

'Issues' of this vile publication come out regularly so check on the link often. 

Latest Update: January 30th 2003


The Sunday Group

As I've said elsewhere on this site, I'd wanted to get back to GM'ing for sometime and maybe even start up the Saturday Group's Deadlands campaign again for a while. Unfortunately there wasn't a great deal of enthusiasm for playing every week, with the travel involved and all that. That meant my chances of GM'ing the Saturday Group again were slim. I had GM'ed before to give Mel a break but then he was GM'ing twice a week as opposed to every 2 weeks now. 

So I had to branch out with a new group. And now I have. The Sunday Group started on Nov. 4th 2001 and we had a very good opening session. We started with D&D 3rd. Edition using the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting from Kenzer. I also decided to use the Freeport city/island setting from Green Ronin and that's where the party started. The initial players were Derek playing a Samurai (from Oriental Adventures), Adrian, a ranger, Brett, a sorceror and Aontacht playing a rogue. 

The party managed to finish the excellent Death in Freeport scenario in one sitting and everyone earned enough xp to level up to 2nd level for the next session.

The party then moved to the mainland (Kalamar proper) for a while before they eventually return to Freeport to finish the job they unknowingly started.

For the second session, the party gained a new member and a new player, Darryl, playing a cleric. The party then began, the first of a trilogy of scenarios set around the Reannaria Bay area of Tellene, the continent which is the main land mass in the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting. The first scenario's name was The Root Of All Evil. 

The party accepted an assignment to find a missing person and this has led them to confront an evil spell-caster during that session and now they must find the means to stop her. The party eventually completed the first part of the trilogy and had started the 2nd part.

However, for several weeks, the group fell to the wayside. For various reasons, football matches, people working on Sundays, weekends away, holidays, etc. the Group did not get together much from April and all through the summer of 2002. I was prepared to sit this out and try and recruit a few more players. With a larger group, we could afford to lose one or two per session and still have a 'quorum' to be able to play.

Well in November 2002, almost a year later, I finally managed to recruit 2 new players and we were up & running again, Anton (an elven ranger, potential arcane archer here) and Lorna (half elven cleric) joined the group, which with Adrian, Bret & Aontacht gave me a core of 5 players. Darryl's forthcoming/recent (delete as applicable) nuptials and work commitments probably rule him out for a while and Derek is now running his own campaign. But it gives me 5 players which means we can get by without 1 absentee per session for awhile. Another core member would make life easier and I'd be very happy then.  

Update August '03. 

The Sunday Group hit its usual summer problems with the GAA season taking its toll but I hope to get it going again soon.

The Sunday Group Adventures so far are now chronicled here. 

The Monday Night Gang

Like me, Derek, buys every RPG book he can get his hands on and it's probably true to say that he enjoys GM'ing as much as playing. But with one group of players and three or four GMs, long running campaigns became difficult. When The Saturday Group became a fortnightly gathering rather than weekly, it meant that opportunities to GM would be less likely. That's why I started the Sunday Group and it's why recently Derek started the Monday Night session, that plus Derek was really into the Scarred Lands setting from Sword & Sorcery Studios. I too, am a big fan of their work and wanted to play some of their stuff but I was running Kalamar. 

With Cyril Nigel & myself from the Saturday group in tow, Derek recruited a former Saturday member in Brogie and D&D newbie but no stranger to gaming, Baldy Brian.

And so the Scarred Lands awaited us. We had a few warm up sessions but now we're on the trail of Rappan Athuk, the Dungeon of Graves. It's nasty. We barely survived the first night and we hadn't gone through the first door. It's nasty.  There's this monster that allegedly can't be killed and we're only level 2 or 3. It's really nasty. There's three adventures written in this series and it can be linked to a few more. Did I mention it's nasty?  

Anyway, I'm playing a rogue, Brogie and Cyril are wizards, necromancers, to be precise while Brian is a monk. Nigel has a dwarven fighter but he's going to be missing while he works in Belfast for the next few months. So there's a seat at the table, if you can make Drumcondra every Monday night.

BTW don't worry about the Necromancer thing. It's Scarred Lands, not everything is as it seems. Brogie, Cyril & I are all playing citizens of Hollowfaust, the city of Necromancers. They're not evil. Death after all is part of life. 

So there you have it. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and of course Tuesday, if you count the Exchequer night. With Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for the pub, I don't have to go home except to sleep.     

UPDATE: December 02.

Through work commitments, I've missed a few sessions lately. Apparantly both Brian and Brogie have already lost their first PCs (I told you it was nasty!). Meanwhile Nigel's in Belfast (and thus missing the Saturday game as well). Hopefully after Xmas, we'll get back on track with this game.

Update: January 03. 

I managed to make the last session before Xmas, where Bret joined the group adding to the confusion. Brian is now a paladin, Brogie is a rogue (I think, it's always hard to know with Jon) and Bret has rolled up a cleric. My PC is now multi-classing as a fighter/rogue. Did I mention, this dungeon was nasty? How about zombies immune to anything except piercing weapons? 

Ju-ju means 'Bad Luck'!

Update August '03.

The Monday Group is no more, at least for now. Derek moved to Belfast some weeks back to work so that's that for now.



Recently, a number of 'rules' discussions came up and it sent me (and Mel) scurrying to the web for answers.

The Wizards own Message Boards were very helpful, thank you to all who contributed there. I also picked up a few urls that I found useful, some related to the points at the time others not but useful nonetheless.

I highly recommend you read these FAQs, they will remove a lot of confusion.


Other recommended sites;

The Daggerford Campaign, a Forgotten Realms campaign.

And the Knights Of The Silver Quill, a Greyhawk campaign. 


I'm also very happy to recommend the following link if you want to get your hands on the best Character Sheet available anywhere on the Internet. I'm using this for the Sunday Group I'm running.

 Steve's Third Ed. Character Sheet

(Note: you will need Microsoft Excel 2000)

The Saturday Group

 The Saturday Group, as in Mel's Group, are a bunch of gamers that meet on Saturdays (!?!) to play RPGs. 

Here you can see some of the group playing Magic at Warpcon 2000. There are other photos of the various group members on my Photos Page

The Saturday Group at play. Click here to enlarge

Mel's group are probably one of the longest running regular RPG groups in Dublin, stretching back to the mid 80s or so. I'm the 'latest recruit'  to join and I'm there at least 5 or 6 years by now. The current core group are Kevin, Cyril, Jason, Nigel, Dave, Derek, and of course myself and Mel. There are a few others on the fringe, like Jon, Colm and  Paul. 

I joined after meeting Mel and co. (sounds like a pop group, Mel & Co.) through playing Magic: the Gathering CCG with some of them every Monday night in Tommy Wrights (sadly now extinct). When I joined up, Mel was also running a Wednesday night group as well and I believe at one time he had a Sunday Group as well. Mel was starting Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play when I started and he ran the famous "Enemy Within" campaign. I hadn't played this system before but I soon came to love it. After that Mel wanted a break and we drifted between games for a while. I GM'ed a few AD&D bits, and then I ran Champions but I didn't like the way the guys wanted to kill the villains all the time. As a comics reader it wasn't the sort of campaign I wanted to run. We tried a bit of Star Wars as well, which Nigel ran. Finally after running a demo game of Deadlands at Gencon a few years back ('98 I think), I managed to persuade them to have a go. Eventually I think they got to like it (at least most of them did) and we did manage to complete the major story arc, The Devil's Tower trilogy. Someday I hope to publish the journal Mel's character, Chavez, kept of their adventures. At that time we were playing every Saturday.

After Deadlands we started AD&D again with Mel back in the GM's chair and I finally had my first characters in Mel's Forgotten Realms (not counting a character I created for a game in Warpcon). That group lasted until about Xmas 2000. Mel's move to Skerries earlier in the year meant longer travelling for many of us and attendances suffered, my own especially. 

After Xmas we switched to D&D Third Ed. using some characters we had built at Gaelcon with Paul (from Mel's old and now defunct Wednesday Group) in the GM's chair and in his apartment, city centre-ish. That campaign ran for awhile until Paul had to give it up. We were then homeless, with the only two venues on offer either in the 'burbs, Deansgrange or out in the boonies, Skerries.  Things drifted for a few weeks until Mel announced a resumption of his campaign. As the trek to Skerries was off-putting it was decided that the game would run every two weeks. That was deemed more palatable to all concerned.  

The new campaign, third edition D&D, started with first level characters. Mel also came up with a few new house rules. The campaign has now been running successfully since April 2001 year and is going well. We're getting at least 4 or 5 players every other Saturday despite the long haul out to Skerries that most of us have, especially myself.

With the arrival of young Miss Lavin back in February, a three month break was taken but as of May '02, we were back on track.

Nigel has his own version of The Saturday Group history on his website and he does talk about the early days that I don't know much about. 

Coming Soon!!!

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