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I have owned and played the original version for about three years and have put (too !) many hours into discovering as many different tricks and strategies as possible. I have written hints here that I have not seen on any other sites. After reading this, and looking at one or both of the download games you should be equipped for building a big city from scratch.

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Heres a copy of an e-mail I got from Chris Saywer:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your e-mail - I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed Transport Tycoon so much over the years. I've had a look at your saved game - looks good, and Mega City is probably the largest city I've seen in the game. It might be possible to get a larger city, but it depends on other towns being further away, so the city can expand further.


Chris Sawyer - his web page is located at Do NOT send email to, he will not them and some guy will just delete your message. Honest. (26/April/2000)

How to build a big city;

  • I believe the key to the game and to building a large city is transportation of passengers. It is wise to choose a city on relatively flat land, without water nearby and with other towns nearby. When your town reaches a population of 5000 start planning ahead: Build some bus stations but ensure that their catchment areas do not overlap much. This ensures that you get maximum coverage. Then add a lorry loading bay and 'walk' the station outwards so that you can add a 5x4 train station on the outskirts of the town. Put the lorry loading bay back beside the bus station.

  • Fund new buildings, even a couple of times a year, and do large advertising campaigns also a couple of times a year.

    The advantage of this is that now your train station and tracks, and airport if you add one do not take up space but can transport '000's of passengers a month. This will help you increase the number of passengers that you can transport and therefore increase the size of the town quickly.

    This is all very well, but the stations must be sufficiently serviced for this to be worthwhile.

  • You should control the roads in the town. They should not be too close together, to allow maximum density of buildings. When the city grows outwards you should move your train station / airports outwards also, to allow the city to grow outwards.

  • How to build stations when you are told you cannot build any more stations in a town: simply rename one of the stations names, and try to build again.

  • How to increasing ratings with decoy train: If you have a station whose ratings you would like to increase, and have high on a full time basis, build a train with low running costs. Give this train a carriage for all the commodities which are waiting at the station. Add a carriage for a commodity which is NOT waiting. Then sent the train to the station and command it to 'full load'. It will wait forever and never actually get a full load and will increase the stations ratings to around 70%

  • To have more than 2 airports servicing a town: Walk a train station outwards so that you have reached land outside of the city authority zone. Then build an airport. See big city in saved game.

Please do not waste your time by asking me to send you a copy of Transport Tycoon,
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You could try some of the following pages to find it: If it's not working, do not bother to tell me, I cannot do anything about it.

  • Download Transport Tycoon Original Full Version here
  • Download Transport Tycoon Deluxe Full Version here
  • or here

  • Please note that I do not endorse the downloading of illegal software, it's your choice.
    26th April 2000

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