Unofficial Hellblazer Soundtrack - Compiled by Ade Brown.

Track Listing

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Disc One

1.   Dear God by XTC
2.   Heart Of Darkness by Sparklehorse
3.   Mersey Beast by Ian McNabb
4.   Heart As Big As Liverpool by Pete Wylie
5.   Fear Loves This Place by Julian Cope
6.   London by Sparklehorse
7.   Ever Fallen In Love With Someone by Buzzcocks
8.   He's The Devil (But I Love Him) by The Hells
9.   This Charming Man by The Smiths
10. A Man You Don't Meet Every Day by The Pogues
11. Dreams Made Flesh by This Mortal Coil
12. You're In A Bad Way by St Etienne
13. Education
14. Skeleton Horse by Alan Moore (from Highbury Working)
15. Propaganda by Dr Mabuse
16. Laibach by Opus Dei
17. Wrong Road by The Go Betweens
18. Look Like Shit by Lauren Hoffman
19. God Is Dead by Salamanda

Disc Two

1.   Becoming More Like God by Jah Wobble
2.   My Beautiful Demon by Ben Christophers
3.   Cancer For The Cure by eels
4.   Just Like Heaven by The Cure
5.   Succubus by Salamanda
6.   Angie by Kelly Jones
7.   Rip Her To Shreds by Blondie
8.   Kiss Off by Icicle Works
9.   Hold On To Your Friends by Morrissey
10. Left Hand/Right Hand by Robert Mitchum (from Night of the Hunter)
11. Sinful by The Mighty Wah!
12. Sympathy For The Devil by Laibach
13. Talking Blues by Pete Wylie speaks
14. The Devil's Haircut by Beck
15. John, I'm Only Dancing by The Polecats
16. God Was Drunk When He Made Me by Jim White
17. Lonesome Johnny Blues by Cracker
18. Do you Trust Me by Blanche
19. Pagan Place by The Waterboys
20. Doomed by Julian H Cope
21. Straight To Hell by Moby
22. Jealous of your Cigarette by Hawksley Workman (as SW Manor)
23. Axe Murdering Song by Camper Van Beethoven
24. Zombie Remix from Shaun of the Dead


Random Hellblazer-centric tunes....

1. Satan Wants Me